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7 years ago#1
This is kinda a noob question....

What is the best way to raise my chao's stats before and after the 1st evolution?
like drives, animals, or tiny chao garden.
I'm talking about a situation where I would want all the chao's stats at 99.
And also, i know this was explained in the guide at the top, but not very well... It says to use animals so that every stat gets raised, but then isn't there a chance of my chao turning into a different type than i want it to?

-thanks for the help.
7 years ago#2
Before the first evolution, raise the stat for the type of chao you want it to become. If that stat isn't S, it might be a good idea to only give it a few levels of that stat. After the evolution, that stat will go up, so you'll get more benefit for each level.

After the first evolution, your chao won't change its type, per se, but its appearance may. Mostly, it depends on the order that you raise their stats. I'm not sure if a chao will still change appearance if you cram it full of Fly when it is Age 5, for example.
7 years ago#3

so what should i use to raise his stats?
7 years ago#4

If you don't like to cheat (i.e. use the repeatable animal glitch), enter a stage where the animal you want is near to the beginning of the stage, grab the animal, and restart the stage. Repeat until you have 10 and then give them to your chao.

If you do like to cheat, you can just use one animal and give it to your chao over and over again. When the stat is maxed, find an animal of a different type.

If you don't know what the repeatable animal glitch is, look in the sticky.

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