Completion Projects

User Info: SBAllen

9 years ago#1

With this link you'll quickly be able to find games for any system that don't have reviews, in addition to other various missing submissions (FAQs, boxshots, screenshots, cheats). Just a helpful little tool in case the review board decides to launch a completion project anytime soon. :)
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User Info: lisanne

9 years ago#2
Oooh, I like the way it divides things up by region. That's really helpful actually, thanks!
You love it.
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User Info: MageofBlood391

9 years ago#3
Awesome! =D
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User Info: iamtheprodigy

9 years ago#5
Ha, really cool idea. Thanks, SB!
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User Info: TerrisUS

9 years ago#6
Yeah, that's definitely very nifty.

User Info: Golden_Vortex

9 years ago#7
Good job.

User Info: Sashanan

9 years ago#8
Commodore 64 (Japan): 0/1

Easiest 0% to 100% I'll ever get. I have that game.
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User Info: nin10do_gamer

9 years ago#9
Wow, half of these games I didn't even know existed. Still, very cool.
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User Info: Polymathic

9 years ago#10
Great, now I have a reason to go back to my Atari 2600 completion project. I'll probably tackle the Palm OS as well, since I submitted the data for like four of those titles. >.>
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