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Completion Projects

#31GalladetheGreatPosted 9/29/2012 11:00:37 AMmessage detail
Very nice.
#32nastynate3118Posted 1/9/2013 8:46:33 PMmessage detail
I have a bunch of Apple II games that I can contribute. I already did Thexder. I want to finish my Genesis collection and FF series first then I'll do a few Apple II games.
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#33GalladetheGreatPosted 1/31/2013 8:22:06 PMmessage detail
I want to make a review, but I'm not sure it would be accepted.
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#34DandyQuackShotPosted 1/30/2014 6:50:10 PMmessage detail
Dude you just need 400 words and an opinion to get accepted here. What makes contributing reviews on here so fun is seeing how many clicks and recommendations it gets.

On a side note the US SNES completion project is still ongoing but making progress. I can't find the game called Magic Boy anywhere though. Anybody know if that game actually exists?
#35TheSAMMIESPosted 1/31/2014 8:14:11 AMmessage detail
Magic Boy does exist. It's a port of an Amiga game. Amiga ports were generally pretty rare on the SNES . I don't collect SNES games like I do some of the other systems, but I do have an idea of what's rare.

I might be able to help a little. I have some SNES/Super Famicom games that I can write about that don't have any reviews at the moment.
#36GruelPosted 5/2/2014 7:10:11 PMmessage detail
I cannot remember the last video game review I wrote here, it has been about two years or so
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#37DandyQuackShotPosted 5/24/2014 2:07:48 PMmessage detail
Miracle Piano Teach System review for SNES is now submitted. Very hard finding all the things that go to that game. Well worth it though. 631/786
#38ShinnokxzPosted 7/29/2014 12:38:37 AMmessage detail
After a 10 year hiatus, I put up a review for PSO on the DC.
#39DandyQuackShotPosted 8/14/2014 5:03:58 PMmessage detail
SNES is slowly but surely getting completed.