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Overused phrases that you should avoid

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4 years ago#361
"Gameplay 10/10:
Now here is where the game really shines."

OMG, if I could count the number of times I've seen that exact line, word for word. At least 35, and I don't even read reviews that often. If you want to do a review solely on gameplay, or you are too lazy to take a moment and contemplate how the sound and graphics improve or detract from the experience, then don't bother breaking your review down into different pieces!
3 years ago#362
Presenter posted...
I can say 7 is average because my system differs from yours.

I never understood this mode of a rating system.

By definition of the word, average cannot be 7! With this rating system, you're only giving 3 notches for above-average games, while you're giving 6 notches for below-average. There's no logic here.
3 years ago#363
Presenter posted...
I can say 7 is average because my system differs from yours.

I never understood this mode of a rating system.

By definition of the word, average cannot be 7! With this rating system, you're only giving 3 notches for above-average games, while you're giving 6 notches for below-average. There's no logic here.
(message deleted)
So....Does This Mean I Should Change This?

Hello! welcome to my first ever review! Hope you enjoy! Anyways, i was at gamestop, looking around the GameCube aisle and i saw Rayman Arena. Having played Rayman 3 and enjoying it, i thought it would be a good buy. And for $3, what could go wrong?

Graphics: 7/10
Good, but not great. Everything looks like typical rayman stuff. But in my opinion, I think it could have used a little extra "oomph" if you know what i mean. character models are OK, but they look like they could be done on the Playstation. Environment's are good, and have some variety. There's the typical jungle and beach levels, to the more exotic factory and abandoned ship levels. Over all, good, but not great.

Sound: 6/10
OK, but forgettable. the only song i remember is the victory theme, and it wasn't very good. But i do remember that every character has their own song that plays when their in front. The main issue is you like to play as one character only (for example, you only play as globox) than you will be hearing the same song for the ENTIRE GAME. that's a huge issue. you might say "But what if we get in last?" true, but to win you need to be first. which means the same song, all the time.

There is none. but hey, it is a racing game. the only thing it says is something about everyone joining a tournament for no reason at all.

Perfect. I don't see anything wrong with it. It's A to jump, B to shoot your grapple, X to boost, And Y,L And R Don't do anything if i remember correctly.

Game Play:7/10
It's very, very good game play! I'm surprised no one else has tried this before. (Sonic R doesn't count) It's a perfect blend between platforming and racing, and feels very natural. What you do is like in any other racing game. You see who can make it to the end first using things like grappling, items (If you turn them on) and cutting corners. Also in the game are dash boards. They work just like the Mario Kart dash boards, only if you tap X (probably O on the ps2 version, but i don't have that one) you move even faster. Also you can jump in the air and before you land press X and you will do a quick slide, Which is both a blessing and a curse. For one, you can easily use it to speed up (especially on the water) to make you go fast. the Curse is you can also easily spam it. although it's not as effective, if you spam it on water you move fast. I mean REALLY fast. Which could irritate the person you did it to. the game also comes with a battle mode, but i didn't play it very much. I'll try and give as much info as i can though. First, It Takes on a Third Person Shooter type style because to win you must shoot energy balls and enemies. It creates another interesting blend of Third Person Shooters and Platformers. But the main problem is the camera. Oh the seems to NEVER do what you want it to, and makes it VERY hard to find your enemy. Also, you freeze when you get hit. you cannot move. AT ALL. until he's done smashing you up. In short, the racing is good, but the battle mode brings it down.

Replay Value:5/10
Not very good at all. actually i never even finished it because it was the same thing....over and over...all the levels felt the same and after playing 1 stage i got very tired of it. battle mode isn't even worth playing twice either. so the replay is VERY bad. although you could play with some friends, but if you don't have anyone to play with, you will get bored.

Good, but could use a lot of improvements. first, they should have fixed the camera in battle mode. second, they should have made it mode different.

Buy or Rent
I'd say it's a good rental if you can still find it. although if you find it for less than $10, go ahead and buy it. it is worth at least $10. also buy if you must own everything rayman or are a collector.
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Sailor Bacon posted...
Oh wait, here's more:

1) "This is my first review so...." (also "And for my 50th review....", etc)

It doesn't matter if it's your first or your five-hundredth. I didn't click on the review to learn about your review history. I clicked on the review to learn about the game. Your first review isn't an excuse for crappy reviewing.

2) Buy/Rent/etc sections for ancient systems. No one is going to rent an NES game (or it's incredibly unlikely). Just say if you think the game's worth having. That is, if you insist on having a dedicated section for this purpose in the first place, which really isn't needed since your review should give them an idea about this anyway.

Oh no, I just did the "first review" part of my review of BF3 close quarters (which I mainly went in depth on the weapons and the maps, though 2 of the weapons were pretty crappy when I did it)
2 years ago#367
One common occurrence in a lot of reviews that I cannot stand, is when they try to justify that a story is bad because it is "generic or "cliche." This especially applies to a lot of reviews of JRPGs and First Person Shooters, although it can apply to almost any genre. A game does not automatically suck just because "I don't like the tropes", if you complain about it using that then it sounds like you don't even like the genre in the first place, and if that is the case, then why bother reviewing it? Maybe instead of simply using this lazy technique, you should actually explain why you believe the story is poorly written and implemented, and it would give the review much more credibility to people who actually like those types of games.

One last thing that pretty much everyone should keep in mind for a review, think about what may and may not appeal to others. I review may be based on your opinion, but you are explaining to other people why they should or should not play this game so it is important to keep other people's perspective in mind.
1 year ago#368
Okay here is another thing that I personally hate regarding a lot of reviews. [b] Just because a game offends you does not mean it sucks[/b]. It means you are overly sensitive to the subject and are focusing more on some "implication" than the actual game, and a lot of times you are not taking the type of appeal it was meant to have into consideration.

Something like Senran Kagura for instance, if you complain about it being sexist, then you are essentially insulting everyone who likes it by saying it is. Unless it has a deliberate message against women, it isn't worth complaining about, and even then, deriding a game for being what it is trying to be is utterly absurd. Again here is Senran KAgura for an example. How does having scantily clad female characters harm women or show hate for any of them? How does this game say "we hate women?" The game is just meant to be something that may appeal to others due to is perverted nature, and people should not be stigmatized or criticized for enjoying this type of game regardless of if it has to do with sexual content.

Instead of complaining about racism or misogyny in games, mention offhand and say that, if this bothers you then you may not want to play the game, and then for the review, I would suggest reviewing the game based on what it is trying to accomplish. If it is trying to appeal to perverts, let it and not hold it against the game. The review should be based on if it does more than that and or how it is in general.

As far as I am concerned, if you take of points because a game is not politically correct or offensive, your review is instantly garbage and is not worth hearing because you clearly missed the point of the game and take no one other than yourself into consideration.
*taking notes, three years after my first post in this topic*
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I'm thinking about starting to review. So should I not split my scores in terms of

Replay value

Should I just give it a regular X/10 rating?

Is it ok to split the ratings if I explain each category in the review?
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