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3 years ago#51
Under firewalls, I would put the Sonicwall network security appliance (NSA) as a recommended solution for anyone, especially SOHO users. While their solutions can be quite expensive, their product is second to none in terms of support, reliability, and protection. They don't just act as a firewall, but also as a router, security services, intrusion prevention/detection, email spam blocking, anti-virus and anti-spyware, etc... Dell also recently bought them out too :)
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This. It's really effective.
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3 years ago#53
Free computer security mag:


I would recommended the Downthemall extension for Firefox to get all of them at once.

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2 years ago#54
Can't believe you forgot Webroot! I love it!
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Each time I try to run Spybot.exe or the malwarebytes set up, I get a message saying "Filename.filetype is not a valid win32 application". What could this mean?
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