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FPS Drops on all Games (Core Temp program) (Archived)EggmanChao44/22 12:15PM
Why Origin is so broken?!? Hours played not showing (Archived)prettythief14/22 8:46AM
100% packet loss and internet is fine? (Archived)AnonymousField14/21 8:16PM
Front Panel audio jack broken. Help? (Archived)muji2524/21 3:53PM
Legend of Grimrock save crash (Archived)NineteenWash14/21 11:46AM
Hardware Interrupt DPC (Archived)Kougeru14/21 10:05AM
"virus partially removed"... (Archived)jabini24/21 6:02AM
Where to buy replacement Razer green switches for mechanical keyboard? (Archived)Mecha Sonic24/20 3:32PM
Power issue? Fans are flashing amd trying to spin instant power is connected (Archived)WerePanda4th24/20 3:00PM
Video card problem (I think?) (Archived)DarkWaffle24/20 2:19PM
2 dimms 6 GB vs 1 dimm 8 GB (Archived)EvilSaiyan36044/20 2:11PM
Why are there no ICONS on my desktop?? Windows 8.1 (Archived)YRuafraid7744/20 1:52PM
Kristal and Audacity won't let me use my usb headset (Archived)Nuvo_Anomaly14/20 12:21AM
Looking for websites/articles to learn about computers and hardware (Archived)Wolf9064/19 2:14PM
PC acting weird since installing usb DAC (Archived)Cokeaddict14/19 5:12AM
A question about having 2 PCs connected to 1 monitor (Archived)teethandtongue24/18 5:43AM
Windows no longer can play headphones and speakers at same time (Archived)luigi3314/17 8:16PM
Laptop's fan is running, and shutting down randomly yet not hot at all... (Archived)Pirate_Arrows34/17 3:59PM
Question about reusing windows 8.1 key (Archived)fireball202034/16 10:48PM
Cpu fan error! Could use some help! (Archived)ArabAl24/16 10:46PM
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