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What if Future Trunks stayed in the current timeline?

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2 years ago#1
How would the Buu saga change?
2 years ago#2
Another number added to Super Buu's death count.
2 years ago#3
Everything's the same until Goku suggests fusion. Him and Trunks practice and the kids watch. They finally get it, but the merge doesn't work, not even an unsuccessful fusion. They try 3 times, then Baba appears and tells Goku his time is cut short b/c of his ki fluctuating extremely high every attempt. They then learn that Goku cannot fuse with Trunks with the dance b/c he is dead and Trunks isn't. Disappointed, Goku complains how he didn't even get to use SSJ3 even though he knew using it alone wouldn't work. However the kids try fusion and it works.

Buu fights Gotenks in the RoSaT, and Gotenks is the one who introduces SSJ3, claiming they were trying to reach SSJ2 like their dads and accidentally overdid it. Super Buu escapes, Trunks leads Dende to safety while everyone dies.

Gotenks' fusion ends, Trunks reappears and fights Buu with Piccolo. Buu knocks out Trunks and is about to end Piccolo when Gohan appears.

Same stuff happens until Buu absorbs Goku instead. Trunks wakes up. Gohan and Trunks fuse. Gotenks 2 ends Buu almost immediately.
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2 years ago#4
Almost everything changes from the start.

Vegeta is not a motivating factor for Gohan, and Vegeta himself respects gohans power, but thinks minimally of him, seeing Gohan as only an extension of Kakorat.

Gohan only became a pansy because he had no one there to push him, causing chi chis influence to become to great.

If future trunks were there, he would make sure gohan trained. Gohan respects him and would listen to him, and trunks nature would make sure gohan doesn't slack off

Future trunks makes sure Gohan at least trains enough to sustain his Cell games power level, but in 7 years he likely makes significant gains. And Trunks himself also would likely reach SSJ2, as he and vegeta would be training with each other almost nonstop, and he would also be training with Gohan

4 SSJ2s vs Babidi and his warriors. Buu saga doesn't even exist, as they ROFLstomp everybody in his army, gohan pulvarizes dabura, and the saiyans prevent buu from hatching

Alternatively, Trunks also probably doesnt listen to Kaioshin, and doesn't let Gohan get his energy absorbed. They find and kill a much weaker Buu before he hatches.

And assuming somehow, vegeta still gets possessed, and buu hatches, gohan likely doesn't go on a suicide mission with trunks advice. They retreat, goku teaches fusion and SSJ3 to Gohan and future trunks, creating Gotenks 2. They are probably around 3x stronger than the original gotenks, and more serious/battle saavy. Plus, they already can go SSJ2. Majin buu gets killed a few hours later
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2 years ago#5
Vegeta and Trunks potara fuse and annihilate Buu. Shenron and Porunga wish everyone back to life. Vegeta and Trunks remain fused for good and greatly surpass Gohan and Goku.
2 years ago#6
The probable result is Gohan and Trunks fusing and the result would be awesome. SSJ2 Gohanks would have an awesome battle with Super Buu and eventually win
2 years ago#7
Trunks would have likely became SSJ2, he doesn't screw around like the rest, would have destroyed the buu crew himself before Buu was even released
2 years ago#8
Everything goes about the same until the trace back to Babidi's spaceship. FT immediately ganks Babidi. Saga over.
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2 years ago#9
buu would ve never hatched
2 years ago#10
I love how most say Buu would have been stopped sooner. As a Future Trunks fanboy, this pleases me.
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