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Pokemon Best Wishes Spoiler Topic 42: Please Insert Gurdurr (Archived)MegaMage300367/22/2011
LMAO Serebii spoiled the ending of the Don Battles *spoilers* (Archived)Solar_Crimson37/21/2011
In case anybody was interested, 4Kids is doing an AMA on reddit. (Archived)doshindude107/21/2011
So wehn dose FMA and FMA Brotherhood take a totally diffrent path (Archived)ProtomanBN47/21/2011
What are the Rurouni Kenshin story arcs? (Archived)noble banana57/20/2011
what do ppl on thi sbaord think of voltron force (Archived)AceMos47/18/2011
Pokemon ODT 7/16/2011: The "Flying Squirrel" Edition! (Archived)
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So how does one pronounce pidgeot? (Archived)chaoscatzero67/16/2011
Which episode of Pokemon has wild officer jenny? (Archived)ur grandpa37/14/2011
PokeBalls and DynoCaps (Archived)asiacatdogblue37/12/2011
Pokemon Best Wishes 41 Spoiler Topic: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!! (Archived)
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Two new eps of DBZ:Kai each week in July (Archived)GoldSlime3537/9/2011
Pokemon ODT 7/9/11: The "Unova Gym Battle #3" Edition! (Archived)
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Anyone else think they'll ditch the Plasma vs Team Rocket eps? (Spoilers?) (Archived)M1Astray107/9/2011
Pokemon ODT 7/02/2011: The "RAID!" Edition! (Archived)
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DBZ Abridged 24 ODT (Archived)Vulcan42247/4/2011
Chrome Shelled Regios question ~posible spoilers~ (Archived)KojaxFX47/3/2011
Will the delayed Pokemon episodes be shown in America? (Archived)DTKMemorial77/2/2011
Can anybody tell me why Cartoon Network got rid of all their anime? (Archived)
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Looking For an anime show to check out? Look inside #1 (Archived)
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