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what's the difference between eroge and nukige?

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5 years ago#1
Aside from quantity of sex scenes of course.
5 years ago#2
I'm sure TNA will be more accurate but that's pretty much it.

Eroge - a VN with H-scenes
Nukige - a VN where the purpose is the sex
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5 years ago#3

all nukige are eroge

but not all eroge are nukige

the literal translation for nukige is ******bation helper game

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5 years ago#4
Eroge = Pointless sex scenes near the end of the story.
Nukige = A total ****fest.
El Psy Congroo
5 years ago#5
Eroge = any VN with a sex scene or two. Usually towards the end after "completing a route" or whatever.

Nukige = Type of eroge with sex from almost start to finish. Story exists merely to make you more immersed in the constant intercourse/sexfest, thus increasing arousal by helping you suspend disbelief.

One of my favorites is the Taimanin Asagi series. Others I like include Bible Black, Discipline, Starless,etc.
5 years ago#6
nukige-sex scenes have first priority, plot is second
utsuge, nakige, low sexual content- the opposite

both can be eroge
5 years ago#7
Ah, I see.
All nukige = eroge, but eroge=/=nukige.
Thanks guys.
BTW, can you recommend good translated nukige? Curiosity kills the cat now.
5 years ago#8
eroge = maybe good
nukige = definitely good

if you want good translated nukige there's pretty much only mangagamer's liquid stuff. rinkan club is good too but the translation is awful.
5 years ago#9

From: SRW_Unlimited | #007
BTW, can you recommend good translated nukige?


Generally the only nukige that are translated are the ones that were convenient to do so because companies like JAST and MangaGamer had convenient legal access to them. Can't really say there have been many that would be considered above average brought over in English.

Monster Girl Quest is probably the best you have to choose from but even that one is a really low budget doujin with some questionable art at times, and the material itself is quite niche. All of which could turn someone off. Though if you're into that particular niche, it's fantastic.

Guess you could also try Sono Hanabira if you're into yuri. I hear it's alright but I wouldn't know since I don't touch yuri stuff.
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5 years ago#10

From: LordEmbok | #008
good nukige

I hadn't realized this was a thing. Generally with nukige your fetishes point you towards what is "good". And I guess artstyle. If the story reached to you on some emotional level, then... it's not nukige >_>
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