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Rate this cliche: My hips are moving on their own!

#1_Xymemaru_VPosted 1/3/2012 11:06:00 PM
What phenomenon is this?!
#2BlueKamiPosted 1/3/2012 11:06:54 PM
10/10 Everything must have it
#3_Wargle_Posted 1/3/2012 11:09:35 PM
It's like when you hear a really good beat and your leg starts moving on it's own.
Expect more like having a really nice **** inside of you and your hips start moving on their own.
#4NurupoooPosted 1/3/2012 11:09:43 PM
She's not supposed to be enjoying it
"That will not be necessary."
#5Mac ArrownyPosted 1/3/2012 11:15:10 PM
Not so great. I prefer when she's just normally into it, personally.
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#6TheRealTBizzlePosted 1/3/2012 11:21:33 PM
10/10. makes me laugh every time
damn i suck
#7That_70s_showPosted 1/3/2012 11:27:39 PM
When it's gender bender, it's one of the best things ever.
#8echo_effect89Posted 1/3/2012 11:29:13 PM

Whenever I read or hear this line, it always makes me chuckle. It's just so weird

But like Mac said, I prefer it when it's just a normal thing. The "moving on their own" thing kinda makes the girl sound sex crazed to me a little.
#9Shaded_PhoenixPosted 1/3/2012 11:35:15 PM
M-My hands are moving on their own! *eats giant beef bowl*
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#10mtdewking3Posted 1/3/2012 11:35:25 PM
one of my favorites 10/10