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Eva 3.33 trailer

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User Info: Starks

3 years ago#21
I prefer the image of EoE Asuka who bravely fought a hopeless battle, lost an eye, had her arm fileted, and died (undone by instrumentality?) a hero

Shikinami won't die, bank on it
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User Info: mizukage2

3 years ago#22
Captain Shikinami the Pirate Queen>>>>Original Asuka

Thats right I said it, come at me bro!
I mean, i never see the right bash the left on anything because the blame game causes more issues than anything-Josh

User Info: zpoopnstuf

3 years ago#23
That's stupid, you're stupid.
It's not the poop. It's the mystery... behind the poop.

User Info: Akito_Kinomoto

3 years ago#24
I don't even know anymore.
I won't forget our promise we made. I close my eyes to make sure.
I will move forward, shaking off the surging darkness.

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