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What are they trying to accomplish in Valvrave?

#1SASStermindPosted 5/12/2013 1:50:22 PM
The show's direction is all the place.

are the writers just tossing as many popular cliches and archetypes at a wall in hopes that some would stick and get the show to be popular? And less I talk about the "musical" clusterf**** that was the last episode the better
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#2LordEmbokPosted 5/12/2013 1:50:47 PM
too deep for you
#3Hardley_SmithPosted 5/12/2013 1:51:13 PM
i guess you just dont get it
#4NM4Posted 5/12/2013 1:52:26 PM
They're just having fun out there.
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#5reptyle101Posted 5/12/2013 1:55:42 PM

It's one of those shows where the staff think "Let's have some fun."
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#6SASStermind(Topic Creator)Posted 5/12/2013 2:17:33 PM
From: reptyle101 | #005

It's one of those shows where the staff think "Let's have some fun."

yeah, having fun at the expense of everything else... I assume they have enough money to waste on crap like this one, right?
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#7Mellow_RGPosted 5/12/2013 2:34:06 PM
what are they trying to accomplish?


it's working

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#8Dusk_ThanatosPosted 5/12/2013 2:34:43 PM
Valvrave is a farce -- it's a smattering of plot points chained together as quickly as possible, with no regard for how well they follow each other.

And it is goddamn hilarious.
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#9MasterTurtlePosted 5/12/2013 2:38:46 PM
to make the greatest show ever

and they succeeded
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#10Cpt_CommunismPosted 5/12/2013 2:41:23 PM
To be fun and entertaining to watch.
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