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Holy Grail War - Fate/CYOA Part 2

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3 years ago#1
This is part two of the Fate/CYOA Grail War. So far we have chosen to be a Dead Apostle, summoned Caster as a Servant, witnessed a fight between Saber and Lancer, and now we're in the process of entering into an alliance with the Masters of Rider and Berserker.


Part one can be found here:

Aggregated Text of the Whole Thing:

Servant Matrix:

Master Datafile:


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3 years ago#2
You dismiss the thought of retreating out of hand. Jeopardizing the alliance so soon after agreeing to it would be foolish in the extreme. Instead you brace yourself for whatever is about to attack the pier. You don’t have to wait long to find out.

A pale, slimy hand reaches over the guardrail at the end of the pier, slowly closes its fingers around it, then flexes, hauling its owner up and over. It collapses in a shivering heap for a moment before shuddering to its feet, drawing itself up to its full height and taking a step forwards.

The thing that stands at the end of the pier is roughly humanoid in shape. It has two arms, two legs, a chest, torso and a head, but that is where the similarities end. Its arms are far longer than a normal persons, reaching down so low that they almost drag along the wooden floor, and you count at least four joints from the shoulder downwards. Its legs are similarly long and oddly jointed, and its feet are tipped with vicious-looking talons that click and scrape as it walks. Its head is completely featureless apart from a single red dot in the middle of where a normal person’s forehead would be. Its body is a uniform translucent white.

The creature takes another step, talons rapping on the wooden floor of the pier, then throws its head back and explodes into motion, charging forwards with an odd rolling motion aided by its many jointed limbs. It makes no sound, loping forwards in dead silence.

Then Rider suddenly appears in front of it, his sword sweeping horizontally across the creature’s midriff. White particles explode everywhere as the thing is bisected at the waist, both halves writhing and thrashing as they tumble to the floor. They continue to move until Rider crushes the creature’s head under his armoured boot, at which point the whole thing collapses into a mound of white grains.

There is no time to celebrate however, because at that moment four more creatures identical to the first haul themselves over the end of the pier. Again they charge forwards, and again Rider moves to dispatch them, but this time one manages to slip through, Rider’s final stroke only managing to sever one arm. The wounded creature scampers forwards, ducks down low, then leaps twelve feet into the air, the talons on its feet aimed squarely at Eudokia’s neck.

Three balls of fire catch the thing in midair, charring its head and upper chest into a foul-smelling black mass. Three of Eudokia’s cousins lower their hands in unison, having protected their mistress from harm. The creature breaks apart before it hits the ground, scattering fine white pellets over you and everyone else. You reach out to brush the powder off yourself, then realize what it is.

“Salt. These things are made of salt.”

Scathach nods and braces her staff against the floor as dozens of the things begin to pour over the guardrails.

“Salt Elementals, Master. An enemy magus must be using seawater to create them. As long as he has prana to maintain them he’ll have an endless supply of soldiers to slowly grind us down.”

Caster grunts, then swings her staff at an Elemental attempting to sneak up on her. It catches the thing in the head, which explodes into white mist. Nearby Eudokia’s guards lay down a barrage of fire and wind, scattering any Elementals that get past Rider’s guard. The stocky Servant swings his blade methodically, as if cutting wheat, his every stroke bisecting or maiming one of the creatures.

“But surely this enemy can’t expect to take us out with just these things?”

You ask, lashing out with one hand formed into a claw at a legless Elemental. It scuttles forward on its unnaturally long arms, but your blow catches it full in the chest and it explodes into powder like its brethren.
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if you have standards it just lowers the amount of stuff you can enjoy. - yusiko
3 years ago#3
“I doubt it!”

Caster yells back, dispatching three more Elementals with sharp, precise jabs to their heads.

“These are probably only a distraction! We should all retreat from here and conclude this meeting at a more defensible location!”

You growl and retreat back to Eudokia’s position, clawing at any Elementals who come too close. Her guards have formed a defensive ring around her but the sheer number of enemies is beginning to tell. As you hurry forwards you see one of her black-coats go down as an Elemental leaps onto him, slashing and tearing at his neck with serrated white talons, blood spraying over its translucent legs. Another black-coat throws out a hand and chants a sentence in an odd, lilting tongue, and a bar of green lightning flashes from his palm, blasting the bloodstained creature into particles.

Everyone slowly begins to fall back, giving ground until you reach the theme park area of the pier. You shuffle into the entry station for the ghost train, and Rider turns the entrance into a chokepoint, standing resolutely in the path of the Elementals, their claws bouncing harmlessly off his body as he hews them down. The station is closed off with thick wooden walls on either side topped by a ceiling with many exposed rafters, preventing the silent white killers from climbing over. You look around, trying to take stock of the situation, then realize that something’s missing.

“Hey…where did Irene go?”

Eudokia tsks and motions to one of her guards, who moves off into the shadows.

“Ugh, that little coward. Can’t believe I have to rely on such-”

Eudokia’s words are lost as an enormous crossbow bolt punches its way through the wooden wall just next to her, skewering one of her black-coats through the chest. He falls to the ground and convulses for a moment before lying still. Eudokia stumbles away, the residual air pressure from the impact knocking her into her circle of guardians. More bolts begin to hammer through the wall, each one knocking fist-sized chunks of wood out of the panels, the fragments turning into lethal splinters that rain down on everyone.


You shout, and Scathach throws out her left hand, the emerald-studded ring on her index finger suddenly glowing with energy. A thin square of yellowish-green light springs up just in front of the wall right as another bolt smashes its way through the increasingly flimsy wood. The bolt meets the shield…

…And stops dead, suspended in mid air, its tip resting against the crackling green surface of Caster’s shield. The wooden shrapnel from the wall hits the shield half a second later and are also instantly halted.

“My thanks, Apostle.”

Eudokia groans, slowly rising to her feet with the help of her cousins. A splinter has torn a shallow gash into her forehead, and the blood seeps down over the left side of her face. She glances at Scathach’s shield, then grimaces.

“Well this is…how do you English say it? Out of the frying pan, into the fire?”

Her words are punctuated with a series of cracks as three more bolts tear through the wall, the missiles halted harmlessly by Caster’s shield. Out of the corner of your eye you see one of the emeralds on her ring go dark. You nod and try to say something encouraging.
Failing at life this hard should be a ToS violation. - TennCaseys Encore
if you have standards it just lowers the amount of stuff you can enjoy. - yusiko
3 years ago#4
Four of Eudokia’s black-coats collapse without warning, gurgling and clutching at their necks. What can only be described as long, barbed needles protrude from their throats. You let out a yell of warning as something dark and indistinct moves in the rafters above, and more needles begin to rain down upon your group. One flies straight for your heart with inhuman speed, and you only barely manage to interpose your arm between it. The needle shreds its way through flesh, muscle and bone, almost completely passing through your outstretched arm before stopping inches from your chest.

Two more of Eudokia’s cousins go down before they can rally together. Gouts of flame and bursts of energy shoot up into the rafters, revealing a gaunt black figure wearing a grinning skull mask perched on one of the crossbeams. The Assassin effortlessly dodges the magic sent his way, leaping from beam to beam, swarming up the walls and crawling across the ceiling, black cloak billowing out behind him as he rains more barbed needles down on you.

Sensing the disorder behind him, Rider pulls back from the entrance and strides into the midst of the chaos. He raises his sword and begins to deflect the needles with the same smooth and efficient motions he used against the Elementals. The Elementals themselves begin to scrabble through the doorway, clambering over each other in their haste to get inside. You step forwards to meet them, yanking the needle out of your arm and hurling it at the advancing creatures, smiling with grim satisfaction as it impales two at once.

You wade into the fight, tearing into the advancing horde with your claws. But for every one you kill, two more step forwards to take its place, and some of the ones you maul continue to pull themselves forwards. Beside you Caster’s face is drawn into a grinning richtus of concentration, her shield now holding a dozen crossbow bolts and hundreds of splinters. The final emerald suddenly goes dim, and seconds later the bolts and splinters fall to the floor as the shield dies.

“Damn. They really got us.”

You growl, crushing an Elemental’s head even as it tears your stomach open with its talons. You risk another look back, but the situation doesn’t look good. Rider is busy fending off Assassin’s endless projectiles, you yourself are struggling to hold back the Elemental tide, Caster is now batting crossbow bolts out of the air with her bare hands, the serpent ring on her right hand shining with golden light, Irene has been missing since before the battle began, and Eudokia…

…Eudokia stands motionless, an island of calm seemingly untouched by the storm raging around her. Her eyes are little more than thin slits, her brow creased and folded as if deep in thought. Abruptly she breathes in, a long shuddering gasp as if she had just been burned. Her eyes widen to their fullest extent, and an ugly blue lattice spreads over her face, bulging, throbbing lines that cover her features and funnel down her neck to disappear beneath her clothing. She bares her teeth and raises her arms up high-

-And the wooden floor beneath the scuttling Elementals bulges and cracks upwards. Enormous hairy claws tear huge chunks away as a bear the size of a Humvee hauls itself up from beneath the floor, scattering the Elementals around it. Enormous muscles contract as the behemoth pulls itself into the station. Splinters cling to its pitch-black fur, and its eyes are pools of silver fire. Its head swings ponderously from side to side, testing the air, then it rears back on its hind legs, roaring furiously, revealing teeth as long as carving knives before charging forwards into the white horde.
Failing at life this hard should be a ToS violation. - TennCaseys Encore
if you have standards it just lowers the amount of stuff you can enjoy. - yusiko
3 years ago#5
The Elementals are crushed, broken and tossed aside as the bear smashes its way through them. Those that escape its huge bulk are seized in its massive jaws and shaken to pieces, and those that avoid that fate are obliterated by great swipes of its massive claws. In seconds the entire army of Elementals is gone, reduced to a thick carpet of salt covering half of the station’s floor.

The bear turns to face you, and you shiver involuntarily. The black-furred colossus bares its teeth and growls, then jerks its head upwards abruptly, eyes suddenly focused on the Assassin above. The masked Servant takes one look at the creature below it and flees, spidering its way up the wall and leaping out of one of the charred holes caused by Eudokia’s black-coats in their attempt to bring it down.

The bear roars and smashes its way through the wall, apparently intent on chasing Assassin off for good. Seconds pass, but no more Elementals appear and no more crossbow bolts pierce the wall of the building. Silence falls, save for the crackling rasp of several small scattered fires.

Eudokia breathes out slowly, and the ugly lines sink back into her face. You realize that she must have been using her special ability to turn her blood vessels into magic circuits – those lines were actually her veins. She wipes her hand across her face, then grimaces as she realizes she now has blood on her palm.

“Well. That went rather poorly, wouldn’t you say?”

She spits, bitterly looking around at the destruction around her. Nine of her black-coats are dead, with three more lying injured on the floor. Eudokia’s white coat is now stained with blood in dozens of places, but she doesn’t seem to be seriously injured.

“It looks like we aren’t the only ones allied with one another. Somehow they knew we’d be here, and planned their attack accordingly.”

You say carefully. Eudokia ‘s face darkens, all pretenses of civility gone.

“They’ll pay for this…”

She snarls, eyes wide with rage. A gauntleted hand clamps itself over her shoulder, and Rider’s armoured form emerges from behind her.

“My lady. Do not let rage overcome your senses. We lost much, but not everything. I advise sheathing your anger until Saber is dealt with. After that we can deal with whoever it was who attacked us this night.”

Eudokia swivels her head to look at Rider, eyes still wide. She stares at him for a moment, then closes her eyes and sighs. When she opens them again her face is serene, though just barely.

“…You are right, of course. Revenge can wait. For now.”

Caster walks over to you, her boots crunching on the piled salt. She quirks an eyebrow at you, as if to say ‘Well, that was interesting’. Thankfully Eudokia doesn’t seem to notice. Surveying the carnage around you, your thoughts drift to your next move. Where do you go from here? It would be safest to return to your hideout and wait until tomorrow, but is there anything else that you could do tonight to help your position in the War?

1. Enough is enough. Go back to the hideout and prepare for tomorrow. No sense in taking risks now.
2. Offer to escort Eudokia back to her own hideout. If she agrees you’ll learn where she is basing herself. Of course, she probably won’t stay there for long afterwards, but you never know what else you might discover on the way there…
3. Offer to look for Irene. She is the weak link in the Hellespont faction, and if you get to her now then it could make a later betrayal far easier.

Matrix has been updated, btw.
Failing at life this hard should be a ToS violation. - TennCaseys Encore
if you have standards it just lowers the amount of stuff you can enjoy. - yusiko
3 years ago#6

I'm probably wrong as usual, but I get the impression that Irene is actually working for the assassin/archer alliance. Probably told Assassin about the art gallery so he could learn info from any meetings there and I feel like she should have been killed immediately if she tried to run away just now. Could account for some of her nervousness. In any case, by looking for her we either continue down the Irene route or learn of a revelation like what I mentioned.
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3 years ago#7
We were talking about alignments in the last couple of posts in the other topic. This is probably the kind of thing Nasu used to come up with the alignments he chose though when it came to actually writing them he goofed quite a bit.
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3 years ago#8
Well, I can't blame him since 98% of people use the terms incorrectly anyway.

Also, according to that test I'm Chaotic Neutral. >_>
May the world be mended
3 years ago#9
I'm not sure about a decision yet, but Archer was attacking from range, as per usual. I wonder if going off by ourselves would mean he'd continue try to snipe at someone.
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3 years ago#10
I'm somewhat torn between 2 and 3. 2 seems like it'd just be more interesting but 3 seems more necessary because the plan hinges on rider and berserker fighting saber together and rider isn't a servant that can fight independently at full strength like an archer so trying to make Irene less of a coward/more useful in general would help our chances of surviving our attempt at killing saber.

So 3 is my choice.

On an unrelated note I took that alignment test and answered honestly (though you're supposed to do it "in character" since it's meant to determine what kind of alignment the character you're playing will have or sommat). It says I'm "neutral evil" which is mildly amusing.
Fun is fun and done is done.
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