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Why is the Assassination Classroom so bad at...*spoilers*Raka_Putra43/30 11:55AM
Black Clover is the new Jump Start seriesreptyle10133/30 11:37AM
spring thread
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CobaltBlitz463/30 11:31AM
"But I can still go Super Saiyan...I think" DBZ Revival of F Spoilers
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WrenchNinja1663/30 11:24AM
Byakuya VS. Zaraki (Soul Society arc) *Bleach spoilers*TheExperimentor103/30 11:10AM
Translator's notes are bar none, the best thing about watching fansubbed anime.AIundra13/30 11:05AM
Now that it's over, who is your favorite Yatterman Night? (Poll)
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Bako Ikporamee143/30 11:02AM
How successful would it be?: Pure monster battle anime.
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Endgame113/30 10:22AM
Name a Flaw (A/M Characters) 7185: Haggar the Witch (Voltron) *spoilers*Mechanimal63/30 10:12AM
Coalgirls' Tsukimonogatari is out
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RobertPires263/30 10:09AM
Man, Samurai Champloo had some of the best soundtrack out of any anime out there
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21_21163/30 10:02AM
World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman ep 12 END *spoilers*
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BigG777243/30 9:58AM
Chris Struckman's review of Kids on the Slope...
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AvalonVan153/30 9:52AM
Now that it's over, who is your favorite The Rolling[star]Girls? (Poll)Bako Ikporamee93/30 9:44AM
Got the first 2 volumes of Monster Musume! Did Papi ever say "No pro"Blancshammer33/30 9:06AM
Tower of God - have you read it? (Poll)Rai_Jin93/30 9:05AM
Now that it's over, who is your favorite Hero Bank? (Poll)Meganium753/30 9:04AM
Now that it's over, who is your favorite Oreca Battle? (Poll)Meganium723/30 8:53AM
Now that it's over, who is your favorite Dragon Collection? (Poll)Meganium753/30 8:51AM
Is the Attack on Titan Manga worth reading? No spoilers please.
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GGuitarGuy95493/30 8:48AM