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Mithril weapons

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8 years ago#1
I have played so that i can now play mission where u get matteus, but i havenīt gotten almost any mithril weapons and those i have gotten arenīt equippable for characters i use. I want to get combos to others than marche to unleash their full potential. Why canīt i find them.
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8 years ago#2
You can only get them from random clan battles, link-trading with friends and, if you're lucky, from Nono's Shop where he can sell you something called "Metal".

It can be proven very easily from many regulars personal experiences that getting these weapons is much, much easier in the very early game before too many shop upgrades kick in and increase the item pool that the mission reward chooses from. Many people here have had runs of 7 or 8 mythril weapons in a row from consecutive battles.

As you've gone so far, your best chance is to trade with a friend who's got them (which is where the second save comes in handy; that way your friend won't lose their mythril weapon if they only have one of a certain type). Alternatively, use said friend's GBA and cart to just keep link trading. You don't have to spend any gil transferring items over, just connecting is enough. Then exit to the World Map, go to Nono's Shop and see what five items they have. Repeat until you have all the mythril weapons or you get bored because there's no guarantee Nono will have one due to the size of the item pool after all those shop upgrades.

Hope this helps :-)
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8 years ago#3
Would if any of my friends had this game.
Letīs go kill all our enemies... Peace
8 years ago#4
You could always get a second copy cheap from a bargain bin or online auction sites and borrow your friend's GBA, assuming one of you has a link cable. There's several genuine FFTA carts currently on the "most famous" auction website.

If you're unable to do that then you're left with using a gameshark and the cheat codes from the FAQs & Guides tab - or being very lucky in random clan battles.
10-25-2007. Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
8 years ago#5
I've been pretty lucky on my current file. Just about to fight Llednar, then Mateus, and I have a Mythril Gun, Mythril Spear and Mythril Mace. Lini (Mog Knight with Gunmanship as a secondary) has the Gun combo and my Sage (Sage with Black Magic as a secondary, I'm waiting for a Life Crosier before chaging him to Alchemist) has the Wise combo.
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