No topics? Really guys?

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4 years ago#21
Poor GFDSB, so neglected. Oh, and too bad about ceiling yams. That's all sad and stuff too.
Brothers! Let us band together to rid this world of the evil shrimp menace!
4 years ago#22
Zombies! *ruins*
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.
4 years ago#23
Hey, no need to ruin them, SP. >:/
4 years ago#24
Go away, Demon Yams. You already posted once in this topic. Save some room for those of us who don't get any love.
4 years ago#25
Let my nonexistent children know I loved them!
4 years ago#26
<_< Well, all right. *goes to the kitchen*
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.
4 years ago#27
Yep...Christmas killed them all off. Looks like I'm the...last yam standing.
4 years ago#28
...No more Yams? But what shall I do for dinner!?
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.
4 years ago#29
I suggest something that is not Yams.
4 years ago#30
...No, you're a little late. The yams is cooking.
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.

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