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2 years ago#1
What is your deal?
2 years ago#2
We sold our deal rights with Time Warner, in exchange for the ability to say "sufferin' succotash" without getting sued. In retrospect, it wasn't a smart move.
2 years ago#3
Well I can see why you would do that though, not a bad move
2 years ago#4
I might have tried it myself
2 years ago#5
If only we could exclaim "Great Scott!".
2 years ago#6
But you just did
2 years ago#7
Yes, but now he's been sued.
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.
2 years ago#8
I lost all of my money by making that post. v_v
2 years ago#9
And whoever owns Back To The Future is now 5c richer... and has a bill for 500 hours of Lawyer.
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.
2 years ago#10
Their lawyer was actually a dog. I think it's the premise of some new family film. And I'm probably going to get sued again for mentioning this.

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