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3 years ago#1
so hyped.
Which are you getting? Y Ver. for me.
Question for those looking at leaks: Is Cynthia and/or the PWT confirmed to be in this yet? Also, would you happen to have a chart of some kind of all leaked/revealed Kalos mons?
3 years ago#2
I'm getting Y and my bro's getting X.

oh hi
3 years ago#3
I'm not up to date at all with the new games. What's the difference for the two and are their any new features?
Navex posted...
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3 years ago#4
fear_d_hotgun posted...
I'm not up to date at all with the new games. What's the difference for the two and are their any new features?

Not too much difference between versions, I don't think. The Mega Evolutions (those are a thing) for Charizard/Mewtwo are different, and I think there are like, 2-4 regular exclusives (along with the box legendary).

As for new features, the official site is actually worth poking around:
oh hi
3 years ago#5
What Thom said about version exclusives. Though, we actually just don't know all the version exclusives yet.
3 years ago#6
I'll get over it eventually but I'm still immensely disappointed at the number of new pokemon.

Personally, I blame the Mega Pokemon. I don't hate the idea but I'm not exactly rushing to use them either. And it seems, lord knows I could totally be wrong, that a lot of effort went into designing Megas that could of been spent on designing new pokemon lines.

I do love all the other features this gen introduced but the number one thing I look forward to in a new gen is new pokemon and this gen dropped the ball. It's by far the lowest number. I know that this gen has a lot of old pokemon in the game but as someone who only plays with a team of the gen of the game I'm playing, I don't really care. It'll will be fun to nuzlocke though.

Also, the low amount of types with the new pokemon is kinda sad. One ground? One Bug line? One Poison line? Really?

And before anybody tries to convince me that the number isn't that bad, it's not going to work. I get it, you personally don't think it's that disappointing. But I really hate how people are acting really confused to why people are disappointed this gen. It's not that hard to see.

That wasn't really directed at anybody here, I'm just venting. Like I said, I'll get over it.
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3 years ago#7
It can't be helped.
3 years ago#8
If I was a hardcore Pokemaniac I could see being disappointed at the low number of new Pokemon. But it doesn't matter nearly as much to me because those old Pokemon are ones I haven't used in so long that using them in full 3D battles will be so awesome. I'm literally probably the most excited at using Raichu again. He was my main man in Pokemon Red and I haven't used him in a game since then. It's because of this that Mega Pokemon are super exciting for me. Using those old Pokemon that I haven't used in forever, with the added twist of them becoming super powerful with Mega Evolutions, is so awesome. And I haven't spoiled myself so there are so many that I have no idea about.
3 years ago#9
Oh also I'm getting X. The prospect of a legendary that is a brand new type is pretty dope.
3 years ago#10
Apparently they took out the danger/critical health music from B/W.

**** this game...

On the subject of the number of Pokemon, I've long held the belief that if they want to keep this series going for many more iterations they're going to have to stop focusing on adding new Pokemon and direct their attention somewhere else. Once they hit a thousand Pokemon can they really feasibly keep adding 150 new Pokemon?

Seeing new Pokemon is one of the things I look forward to in a new generation, but having that many Pokemon would just be unwieldly and ridiculous. Unless they decide to cut out old Pokemon completely I wouldn't be surprised if we reached a point where we only saw like 5-10 new Pokemon in a new generation. Cutting out old Pokemon might actually be better at that point, but that would certainly cause just as much backlash.
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