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2 years ago#51
Saw Captain America

First phase 2 marvel movie I've enjoyed

Steve Rogers is so charming, Winter Soldier is badass, Falcon is kind of cool, Black widow was kickass and funny

I'm surprised they fit in so many cap villains in the movie without it feeling cramped

Also that credits scene was hype as **** hell
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2 years ago#52
Cap 2 is the MGS film I wanted.
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2 years ago#53
Watched Fargo to get ready for the TV show. Incredible film and the show's premiere was pretty great.
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2 years ago#54
Watched The Raid: Redemption for the first time yesterday, then went to see The Raid 2 last night. Both are really awesome, The Raid definitely lived up to the hype.

I saw Draft Day a few days ago, which was... inoffensive, but not very good.

Saw The Winter Soldier last weekend, which was great. I'm not too familiar with Captain America, he's probably my least favorite of the Avengers that have solo movies so far but I thought it was a big step up from the first Cap movie.
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2 years ago#55
Re watched Amazing Spider- Man

I think I like it more than the raimi one. I just find Peter a lot more charismatic and Spider-Man funnier as well as better portrayed in action

Also Emma stone is hot

Saw the captain harlock cg movie. Was kind of boring. There's a pretty ridiculous fight near the end that involves a guy in wheelchair.
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Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker is closer to the comic book Peter Parker anyway. The old spidermans were only good until they started making comic book movies that were actually awesome. Thank you Batman begins. Thank you Christopher Nolan for paving the way to comic book movies that don't suck. Although I must confess the original xmens are a guilty pleasure.
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2 years ago#57
I think Garfield is a better fit as Spider-Man than Toby Mcguire, but the fist two Spider-Man movies are better movies. Especially Spider-Man 2, which is still one of the better super hero movies to date. You've got to have a good villain to have a great superhero movie, and Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus are way better villains than Amazing's Lizardman.

It's also why I think Dark Knight Rises is the weakest of the modern batman trilogy, because the villains were poor compared to the first two.
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(edited 2 years ago)
I agree that bane and talia weren't as good as as the first two. Dont get me wrong tom hardy and Marion cotillard are great actors you only have to look at there resume to know that. But rises was good because of Anne Hathaway and Joseph gordon-levitt. I think rises is over rated mainly due to the greatness of ledger and the hype caused from the success of dark Knight. Ill also agree that willem dafoe was amazing as green goblin. But idk why people love Alfred Molina or Spiderman 2 the movie sucked in my opinion. Yeah it wasn't as terrible as Spiderman 3. But is it the love for doc oc ? Cause rhys ifans is a wayyyyyyyyyy better actor than him. Honestly, I wanna know why people love Spiderman 2 so much. Aside from brothers and pleasantville tobey maguire ruins everything he's in. Maybe you can elaborate.
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Also id like to say Sam raimi is someone who never should have directed the Spiderman movies. The man should stick to comedic horror. The original evil dead was great as was the remake. The sequels were horrible. The second one was basically the same movie and the third oh my God what the hell kind of garbage was that. Drag me to hell and the gift were pretty cool. He ruined the oz prequel. Thanks a lot for ruining l. Frank baums books. Even with a pretty good cast of actors. Return to oz was so much better. And closer to the core content spread across two books.

I feel like I'm coming off as some douche bag but I watch alottttttt of movies. Literally thousands of them. So I consider myself a bit of an aficionado when it comes to film. But opinions are opinions.
Oh. Well. Alright.
2 years ago#60
Spiderman 2 is still a good movie imo. It may have not aged that well but I'd still take it over ASM.
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