FFXIV 2.2 - March 27

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2 years ago#71
here, zeik, my hud and also hotbars
also, y'shtolnya
2 years ago#72
one lvl 50 of a certain job will most likely have the exact same playstyle as another lvl 50 of the same job
not. at. all.
which class did you even start as? lancer?
2 years ago#73
Thaumaturge, into BLM eventually
2 years ago#74
Ah. That's one of the most braindead classes to play, second to BRD. It gets better at 50, I guess? I don't play BLM though. Enjoy your Fire spam. I guessed LNC, cause that one is pretty stale till it gets Phlebotomize and Full Thrust. But its rotation doesn't truly unlock till 50 when it gets Chaos Thrust. DRG has a lot of CDs you weave in between GCDs too.
2 years ago#75
Thaumaturge doesn't seem that braindead from my (admittedly limited) experience with it. Managing your ice and fire buffs is more involved than early game Lancers or Archers. I don't know much about their late game strategies, but they seem to have a decent amount of options eventually.
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2 years ago#76
I messed around in character creator
If I made a female pc, she'd probably look like that.
2 years ago#77
Once fantasia potions go on sale I think I might do a character change for a change of pace. How gender-neutral do think the name Adele is? I'm debating whether I could pull of a gender swap without it being weird.

Although that name is pretty ingrained with my character by now, so maybe it would be weird anyway.
I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that. ~ R.I.P. Ryan Davis
2 years ago#78
How gender-neutral do think the name Adele is?

Most people would probably associate the name with the singer, so, not very.
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2 years ago#79
I suppose. Oh well.

Oddly I've never actually pronounced it like the singers name though, even though I suppose that's technically the proper way to say it. Then again, fantasy land. I can pronounce it however the **** I want.
I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that. ~ R.I.P. Ryan Davis
2 years ago#80
If I've learned anything from rpg communities, you can not!
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