FFXIV 2.2 - March 27

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2 years ago#81
Here's a pic guide of t4, a kill order, Zeik:
P1: AOE till 500t~ tp then Invigorate, then AOE some more and/or Full Thrust combo till they die
P3: I use B4B here.
P6: Use Leg Sweep/Spineshatter something quick on Spinner Rook to hold it then LB it.
2 years ago#82
Hey, Zeik. I'll trade you my moogle PLD and BRD weapons for your Gae Bolg Atma.
2 years ago#83
Had a party that wiped twice on King Mog. Like maybe 2 others knew what to even do. The MNK said to kill the THF BEFORE the WHM, even. After the 5 needed to be killed, I start going after the King like you're supposed to. One of the healers even said go after the King. But most of the other dps were busy killing the remaining 2 moogles for whatever reason. The MNK says to me, "DRG follow the dps." Shortly after, I LB3 the King and killed it.
That party was bad but I got the moogle lance!
2 years ago#84
Got a Minute Mindflayer from an 18hr venture!
2 years ago#85
Zeik, your favorite DRG just defeated Titan EX!
2 years ago#86
Oh, there's another cross over in game?
Hands of gold are always cold.
2 years ago#87
Hero Of The Winds posted...
Oh, there's another cross over in game?

2 years ago#88
such majesty
2 years ago#89
Had a Brayflox HM run where the SMN used the LB on the boss.
"You should've lb'd yoshua :P"
YEAH THANKS FOR THE TIP. NOT LIKE I TRIED TO BUT SOMEONE HAD TO HIT THE DAMN BUTTON JUST AS I WAS ABOUT TO. You wait for the boss to release steam from its exhaust pipes. Too early will push it into the third charge phase.
2 years ago#90

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