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who is/was a better passer? LeBron or Jordan

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4 years ago#21
Most people are ignoring that Lebron's guard like skill set along with his height is what gives him the advantage. He has an incredible cross court pass that's very hard to defend. LeBrons the only real answer here. Jordan is a bit of an underrated passer though.
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4 years ago#22
Jordan because 6 > 1 and a sweep in the Finals
4 years ago#23
Lebron "the 4th quarter coward"?
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4 years ago#24
Lmao at Trillent/Mrs. Redfield. Tell me how the votes are going? Sit down, woman.
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4 years ago#25
Me and the Fanboy posted...
So instead of acknowledging that they were both great passers and then trying to determine which one was better we have people on both sides engaging in hyperbole about the other player and throwing out nonsense about being LeBron being overrated or Jordan only appearing to be a good passer because he was playing against bad defenses in a crappy era?

Who the hell said Jordan only appeared to be a good passer because he played against bad defenses in a crappy era? Stop getting your panties in a bunch.

Jordan is a good passer, LeBron is a great one. There really isn't any comparison between the two especially when you consider that LeBron despite being a phenomenal scorer still has a passer's mentality while Jordan had to be coerced into sharing the ball.

This board can be really bad at times. I actually thought this would be an interesting discussion and instead it appears to be veering off into the realm of nothing more than glibness fueled by bias.

There really isn't any discussion to be had. It'd be like asking who's the better shooter between Kobe and Dirk. Sure Kobe is a very good shooter but Dirk is a great one.
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4 years ago#26
don't make me bring out the jordan pg stats

haha jk lebron got dis
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4 years ago#27
LeBron is a better passer now but Jordan was a better passer when he played and LeBron was a child. Nice trick question TC, but you can't fool me.
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4 years ago#28
i'll just add some video links to add to the discussion.
that's the first result i got for "lebron james top 10 assists"
i'm gonna assume it's made by a lebron fan so at least you know there's some pretty good stuff in there.
and that's the first result i got for "michael jordan top 10 assists"
the only difference is this highlight reel was actually produced by the nba. it's on one of michael jordan's documentary dvd. hence why the number 1 pass may not be the flashiest one but because it's an assist that won a championship, it's put at number 1.
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4 years ago#29
TrillEnt posted...
CubanMark posted...
Anyone who votes Jordan needs to quit watching basketball

brb driving, draw a double and kick it out for a 3

Lebron homers: "OH what an ELITE PLAY MAKER"



I lol'd hard. But in all serousness its LeBron
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4 years ago#30
Jordan is easily a better passer

just because he didn't get XX assists doesn't mean he isn't better than LeBron..his job was to score on the bulls and you silly if you think he wasn't good at it

Who's he gonna make plays for? Pippen shooting from 3? no..rodman? no..Jordan WAS the offense. He had to SCORE. Simple kids, really. Lebron isn't better than jordan at anything. Not shooting, not defense, not passing, not posting up, not any of that.
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