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Jodan Hamilton is so clutch in 2k14

#1KlRBEHPosted 10/15/2013 10:56:01 PM
I'm doing an association with the Nuggets and he literally won me 2 games in row basically

In the first game he hit a game winning 3 when I was down by 1 against the Heat off a really bad possession where I basically just dished it to him before the shot clock ran out.

The next game agains the Magic I was down by like 10 with 2 minutes left and he hit a 3 and got an and one and hit the game tying 3 with like .4 seconds left to send it into overtime. That game went to double overtime and I won, he had a go ahead 3 in the double overtime that basically put the game in my hands as well btw.

Man I'm so good at performing under pressure in this game, yall boys better watch out come black friday I'm about to go on a winning spree against you scrubs