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Music: Top 40
The stuff you see on MTV, VH1, and Much.
1155111821/6 10:56PM
Music: Alternative
Corporate Rock Still Sucks. Stuff you don't hear on FM or see on MTV.
2419270901/15 6:29AM
Music: Rap and Hip-Hop (Membership Required)
Love it? Come on in. Hate it? Stay clear.
569387025621/18 12:10AM
Music: Country
From Bluegrass to Blues, Traditional to Progressive
37367881/14 5:39PM
Music: Metal (Membership Required)
Only for the hardcore.
128262673551/18 12:24AM
Music: Musicians and Songwriters
Everybody wants to be a star.
Music: Video Game Music
It's not just for boss battles anymore.
52935341/16 3:01PM
Music: Punk
Three chords is enough for anyone
94283641/17 8:29AM
Music: Rock
From the classics to the modern
168272179221/18 12:35AM
Music: Electronic/Dance
It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.
1924206281/17 4:46PM
Music: Jazz and Classical
Not for everyone, but maybe for you
27860451/14 12:17AM
Music: R&B
By popular demand
123569251/6 10:30AM
Music: Folk
Folk Music and its fans
Music: J-Pop
Japanese music and idols
18813301/5 8:32AM
Music: Other
Other genres of music
937511/15 11:38AM