what happened?

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2 years ago#1
wasn't this board full at one point?
2 years ago#2
well, either way it's mine now >:)
2 years ago#3
no go away
2 years ago#4
you first
2 years ago#5
no u
2 years ago#6
I was going to but you came back, so I stay!
2 years ago#7
:I yeah right
2 years ago#8
seriously, I saw that you didn't respond for a few days and thought "wow this guy actually went away and did what I asked, I'll do the same". Since we both post every couple days I was going to make sure you stayed away for a few more days and then not even bother checking back if I didn't see anymore posts. For a while I thought we would have a mutual understanding but :/ ... :'(
2 years ago#9
...so yeah, I'm staying
2 years ago#10
it's so lonely here...

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