what happened?

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3 years ago#21
sigzy wigzy
3 years ago#22
<(O.o<) ^(O.O)^ (>o.O)>
3 years ago#23
We'll have to arrange some trades, to get this board rolling again.
3 years ago#24
I haven't played Maplestory since the pirate class first came out :p
3 years ago#25
I still play 8)
sigzy wigzy
3 years ago#26
The pirate coming out. I remember that was such a huge thing.
3 years ago#27
yeah, I don't think i can get back into it. I still have a bunch of rare stuff like the maple shield.
2 years ago#28
Random question, anyone else really like the movie John Carter?
2 years ago#29
As I feared, I am the only one who likes it :'( Which means no sequel :''''''(
2 years ago#30
anyone else good at unpopular sports? For example dodgeball, floor hockey, ultimate frisbee? All of which I dominate at.

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