Quitting, Selling Bowman Equips Windia

#1FatalKhajiitPosted 2/20/2014 12:23:43 AM
Hey guys, I am quitting MapleStory for another addiction which will be Elder Scrolls Online. To get some extra cash for ESO, I am selling off some of my equips. They are as follows:

- 9% Dex, 6% Dex, 1% Dex Neb (16% dex altogether) Half Earrings
- (Base stats) Dex +19, +7 Wep Att / 9% Dex, 6% Dex, 6% Weapon Def Rising Sun Pendant (I do not have PSoK)
- Dark Angelic Blessing (I do not have PSoK)
- (Base Stat) +8 Dex / 9% Dex, 6% Dex Purple Giles Cape (Seal on this item will be released on 4/17)
- (Base Stats) +48 Dex, 222 Wep Att, 0 upgrades Available / +13 Dex, +6 Dex, +6 Str / MaxHp 3% Sweetwater Crossbow (Seal on this item will be released on 4/26)

I realize a few items still require a PSoK. This is noted and prices will be accepted at lower prices because of it. Just send me a offer through PM if you are interested. I have a Skype if you would like to add me on there for the transaction.
Skype: mastermegalodon