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2 days till nippon

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3 years ago#211
no and i can't imagine why you would want that considering how easy it is to pay for sex in this country...for not much more than that.
3 years ago#212
but then again it's in the absolute worst place in this country...akihabara.
3 years ago#213
damn that'd be my dream job tho

I just gotta sleep next to people? sounds pretty good
3 years ago#214
can't lie having a live in gf aint too bad. half off rent, and since she's 3.5 yrs older than me and japanese she pays for 3/4 of everything when we go out.

too bad once girls turn 26 here they're basically considered worthless and lots of guys have no interest in dating/marrying them ("no one wants a cake after christmas") which means she's gonna expect me to marry her before then.

she turns 25 in nov.
3 years ago#215
she's def cute

marriage mite b cool??
3 years ago#216
scary dude.

man last friday (9/6) I angrily killed a handle of smirnoff w/ two of my friends (don't ask why I was angry its a very long story involving a canadian) and the next thing I know I wake up on the street, still wasted and covered in dirt. I managed to make it home, but I was literally cripplingly hungover until 7 pm (threw up a good 7 times).

but ever since then I can't have more than 4 drinks w/o my body refusing to let me drink anymore. I can barely even sip it past then.

and I'm exhausted all day and end up sleeping for at least 9 hours + a nap or two throughout the day.

whats wrong w/ me am i dying oh my god i can't even get drunk anymore this sucks
3 years ago#217
the weirdest part is how a handle of smirnoff split 3 ways made me so drunk.
3 years ago#218
****ing Canadians
It's pronounced Doo-Mast.
What did you think it was?
3 years ago#219
haaaa, that's drinking man

last year I visited my buddy who lives in Vegas to celebrate both our birthdays (and my 21st). his friend was a bouncer at REVOLUTION ultra lounge and so he got us bottle service

I remember arriving, making 5~ drinks, chugging goose from the bottle, and getting hype when MERCY started playing. then I woke up in a huge bathroom and stumbled out into a fancy-ish chinese restaurant

I got corralled into a car to get home then I was hungover for 2 days

after that didn't drink much at all until spring break... similar story went down and the cycle repeats
3 years ago#220
yea but u gotta understand this is japan (or asia in general) where you alcohol tolerance/drinking goes up by about 500%.

went to tokyo game show today. really really really wanted to play dark souls 2 but it was literally like a 3+ hour wait to play any god damn game.

so f*** that.

went to hooters w/ my buddy cuz our other buddy works there (as a cook) and he got us some free wings.

and one of the waitresses gave me her number.

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