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2 days till nippon

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2 years ago#241
lKaddl posted...
SO i went out to shibuya w./ my bro last night. went to this smaller club w/ some dope music.

started dancing w/ this girl and blahblahblah then left the club w/ her at around 3, went over to karaoke, fooled around, then spent an hour looking for love hotels.

they were all full

they were all f***ing full.

so she went home.

and i killed myself.

i haven't lol'd this hard in a long ass time, holy crap
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2 years ago#242
havent posted pics in a while heres my view from my balcony at night

a park

my gf looking at a squirrel

me looking at schoolgirls
2 years ago#243
The last one, 10/10
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- Isaac Asimov
2 years ago#244
speaking of schoolgirls, the other day I was hangin out w/ my buddy (during the day), and all of a sudden this group of maybe 4-5 schoolgirls walk up to us, say "hi, whats up?!" and then walk away giggling. and one of them was recording it on her iphone. the accent though was shockingly good too. I almost thought it was some american girl at first.

and they all had dyed hair ranging from blonde to light brown, which in japan, for high school girls, basically means you're a slut that doesn't take school seriously (I've even heard of teachers failing students because "you have blonde hair, you're a student why don't you have black hair like japanese people")

aw man.

and also, when you see schoolgirls in really short skirts its cuz they roll them up to make them shorter...but for some reason they only do it when its cold out. they literally NEVER do it in the summer...only in fall/winter.
2 years ago#245
I'm in america
2 years ago#246
I'm ready to go back to japan
2 years ago#247
Can I go to Japan with you
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2 years ago#248
Sure I head back January 7th.

America hasn't been that bad, but I brought my gf with me and she wants to do a ton of stuff everyday but I just wanna sleep cuz this jet lag is brutal.

she heads back on Monday tho and I'll have about two weeks to myself here.

Those two weeks will probably be super boring tho.
2 years ago#249
lKaddl posted...
my gf looking at a squirrel

me looking at schoolgirls

I go away for like 4 months and I come back to this. 10/10
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What did you think it was?
2 years ago#250
kinda bored
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