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2 days till nippon

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2 years ago#251
bought my brothers 3ds + animal crossing and a link between worlds for 75 bucks + my old 23 inch monitor that's been sitting in my closet for a year lmao.

4 days til i go back.
2 years ago#252
for some reason I've really started to enjoy being away from everything except my family these past few days.

I get so caught up in daily stuff and always being active over in tokyo that I often times just shut my brain off and don't really allow myself any time to just relax and think.

definitely a lot of stuff I'm gonna be doing differently when I go back (like saving money)
2 years ago#253
Losing all your money from going clubbing?
It's pronounced Doo-Mast.
What did you think it was?
2 years ago#254
plz read the topic and become up to date w current events before asking questions ty

also I'm back in japan
2 years ago#255
2 years ago#256
livin on 4 dollars a day for the foreseeable future.

actually not that hard.

my gf buys most of the groceries.
2 years ago#257
my razor scooter is awesome
2 years ago#258
Least day of my 5 day weekend :(
2 years ago#259
hay Kadd, enjoying the snow?
2 years ago#260
p much all melted the next day.

was cool while it lasted tho. snow is rare in tokyo.
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