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3 years ago#1
Because video games are fun to talk about and this board is going at the perfect speed for this kind of topic.
3 years ago#2
on a scale of one to several, how depressing is Papers Please?
3 years ago#3
It's actually not as depressing as you'd expect. If anything, it just gets stressful (but still fun somehow), and after a while you begin to dread a certain printing sound. I only got one ending (of 20) so far, though.
3 years ago#4
Oh, cool. I might try it out then.
3 years ago#5
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask : Actually got all the masks (and the Fierce Deity Mask) and finished it again. Now I'm done.

Clock Town is really the most interesting place in the entire Zelda series. Almost every single NPC brought their own life into the town. Along with the time passing by, it was more like an actual town with actual problems between people and not just a place you run around in while everyone waits for you to talk to them.

I normally say something bad around this point, but the only thing I can think of is that the music didn't strike me as well as other Zelda games, and that the whole Kafei thing was probably a little too convoluted (I tried to do it on my own at first but I couldn't figure out what to do after giving Anju the pendant). I had some problems with a few minibosses but that doesn't really count since it was because I didn't pick up on their patterns fast enough. The four areas along with the farm were nice and full of stuff to do. I also liked all the temples' designs, even the Great Bay Temple since it didn't take me long to figure out how the place worked.

Despite that though, it was just nice. I didn't dislike much, but I didn't really like anything that much, either. Games like that are legitimately good to play, like Yoshi's Island or Paper Mario (N64), but it won't be making it on a list of my personal top 10.

I do think this was better than Ocarina of Time, though.
3 years ago#6
Papers Please is a good game. I enjoyed the pre-release a lot, but only played the full version a bit so far.

Well, I say a bit, but I'm on like day 19 or something.

I used to have all of the issuing cities memorized, but it's been so long that I've forgotten them, and it's way too much work to check them each time. Only thing I ever miss, pretty much.
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'"
- Isaac Asimov
3 years ago#7
Don't play Gone Home. Just a heads up.
3 years ago#8
What's wrong with it?
3 years ago#9
Put simply, it's entirely not worth $20 or 1-2 hours of your time.
3 years ago#10
Papers, Please : Obristan above all. I'm actually fairly satisfied with that ending. I managed to get most of my family (uncle died) out with some Obristan passports I blatantly stole from random people and had someone alter for us. I also ran into two bad endings, one of which was caused by having stuff on the wall when the supervisor guy showed up the second time and the other by not leaving Arstotzka before the audit and after helping an EZIC guy. I'm going to replay this to see how many endings or tokens I can find.
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