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3 years ago#21
NickOfTime posted...
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance : Started (re)playing this on Thursday. Currently destroyed 3 crystals. I like tactics-RPG games.

If you actually liked Tactics RPG games you wouldn't be talking about FFTA.
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3 years ago#22
oh well

Excitebots: Trick Racing : Got this without knowing anything about it other than it's related to Excitebike. After dealing with the fact that motion controls are forced and you fling the Wii remote in every direction all the time, I found that this is actually insanely fun.

It's interesting that the main goal of the game is just to get a lot of points, or stars. You get bonuses for placing but if you do a lot of tricks you don't actually need them to S-rank the track sometimes (I placed last once and still S-ranked because of all the tree runs). Though in hard mode, the requirements are higher so you need to do a lot AND place 1st.

I'm on the gold cup in hard mode, trying to S-rank everything.
3 years ago#23
Excitebots: Trick Racing : Unlocked Mirror Excite, apparently. Just more to S-rank.
3 years ago#24
Excitebots: Trick Racing : Finally finished S-ranking all the tracks (you unlock one of the trucks from Excite Truck). More people should at least try this game. Motion controls are hard to get used to at first but once you get past it, it's very rewarding. There's a legitimate challenge in a lot of the tracks after Silver cup, and the CPU racers actually don't seem to cheat/rubber-band when you're in 1st.

Overall: this ****'s fun, yo.
3 years ago#25
Mega Man Battle Network 2 : Dug up all my old carts (BN1, 2, 3B, 4R, 5C) a few days ago, and decided to replay all of them except BN1 (didn't age well).

I just beat BN2 but there is quite a bit of stuff to do postgame. I got the SSS License (took me almost 30 minutes just for the battles), beat a bunch of ghost-navis, and I'm currently at WWW Area 2.
3 years ago#26
Mega Man Battle Network 2 : Grinding out the 100% library pretty hard. Sitting at 238/250 right now. Some of the rarer viruses were incredibly annoying to find and kill but LocEnemy (encounter more of the last enemy you fought) made it a little easier once you saw the virus you need. The worst part was when I found an Octavian (extremely rare virus in Undernet 7) accompanied by a Dominerd3, used LocEnemy to find them more, and I kept getting CrsShld3 instead of its HeatBall.

Right now I only need Candle3, Anubis, Dropdown, and Pharaoh/Napalm/Planet Man's v2/v3 chips before I can start fighting Bass in WWW Area 3 for the last 3. Should be fun.
3 years ago#27
Mega Man Battle Network 2 : Mysteriously got HubStyl when I was looking for BassDelux then got the last 3 chips and filled out the PA Memo. 4 stars on the title screen are all I can get right now without a second cart or hacking so I'm done.

Fighting BassDelux was pretty cool. My final folder was just a bunch of 2x Hero PAs (only had 3 CustSwrd B chips so I had extra VarSwrd and Protoman3 for his 150 aura) and generic defense/speed chips, but it worked pretty well. Gonna start on BN3 now.
3 years ago#28
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue : I'm a little surprised at how much I forgot about these games. Running through the stories on BN2 and this was almost completely new to me again except for the obvious spoiler stuff.

Currently in the hospital computer because vines and stuff (PlantMan).
3 years ago#29
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue : Beat the game. Time to get started on the rest of it.
3 years ago#30
so much rest of gaem
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