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3 years ago#31
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue : Ran around the secret area for a very short time, then decided to go down a list of v3 Navis to S-rank. Almost immediately hit a wall on BubbleMan v3, who took damn near two days to S-rank. Ended up making a trash folder built around getting the MstrStyl PA (+ random other chips to get him down to 900 HP) as fast as possible.

I remember v4 Navi chips existing but I'll get to that later... maybe.
3 years ago#32
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue : After finally S-ranking DrillMan v3, I unlocked all those security cubes around the Undernet areas and found a Hammer... thing, probably for the secret area.

I'm still at 132/200 (Standard), though, so I can't go past the first door yet until I find 8 more standard chips.
3 years ago#33
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue : Thanks to a combination of Collect (program), beating up GutsMan v3 a lot, and enjoying the idea of countering stuff for bugfrags, I had around 400 bugfrags by the time I got to Secret Area 3 for the bugfrag trader, and a ton of extra chips to throw away into the 10-chip traders. I ended up getting almost every v4 Navi chip, plus some others I needed, then went to the 10-chip traders and traded away a good bunch of extra GutsMan chips to fill out the rest of my standard library (still only have around 75 Megachips, I think). I don't know if it's luck but it gave me 3 chips I didn't have all in a row, so that was nice.

I then beat ProtoMan for his v2/v3 chips (got v4 from the BFT), threw together a 2x Hero folder, threw together a BlkBomb3/GrassStg folder for the security things I haven't destroyed yet, and beat Serenade. He's actually pretty easy if you don't get reflected at and have something that doesn't have to travel through a wall.

Left the secret area, came back, and saved in front of the bugfrag trader.
3 years ago#34
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue : I seem to have hit a wall.

I beat BassGS, giving me a 3rd star (Green) to add on to the stars for beating the game (Yellow) and having a full standard library (Blue). I then beat all the time trials in the secret areas, giving me a 4th star (Light Blue). The only ones I need now are the ones for having all 85 Megachips (Purple), beating the Omega/V5 Navis (Red), and all PAs (Orange).

The problem here is that MistMan is a Navi exclusive to MMBN3 White, as a counterpart to Blue's BowlMan, and the last 4 Megachips I need are all his. BowlMan and MistMan chips don't seem to come out of any trader, so I can't fill out the Megachip library. This, in turn, prevents me from getting all the PAs since one of them requires one of the V5 Navi chips, and prevents me from fighting the V5 Navis because you need 5 stars to enable it.

I do have my brother's old White cart and all our old stuff needed to trade things, though. I might get to it eventually.
3 years ago#35
that dark souls 2 beta
3 years ago#36
...did you get in?
3 years ago#37
My brother did, so I watched him play it. I'm not into Dark Souls that much.
3 years ago#38
video games soon
3 years ago#39
Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS : (Team ProtoMan) - Decided to skip BN4 because reasons.

I've had the DS cart for ages now but I can't remember anything about the game despite having a 50 hour save already on each version. Maybe someone else did it.

At any rate, I was instantly amazed at all the cool stuff they throw at you within the first 20 minutes. The liberation missions, being able to use other Navis, the party system, etc.

Currently just after the second liberation mission (vs. ShadeMan).
3 years ago#40
But liberation missions are the worst thing that could have happened to MMBN.
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