A Message To AWWE Season You Just Lost A Fan

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3 years ago#1
First off I would have posted this message in either his PCW topic, or SimmingWarfare1's topic dedicated to AW's WWE season but AW would ignore it so I posted my topic

First off, I am sick of you treating the DLC guys like they are useless, you use them solely as jobbers. On all your vids

Seriously you did it on 12, 2011, 2010, and on WWE 13 Now?

Cesaro, Goldust, Too Cool, Rikishi, Gangrel,

I've seen it on Superstars. Saturday Night, Heat but not on Raw or Smackdown?
I miss being Kidslam
3 years ago#2
Watkins why don't you respond to this topic? Man up
I miss being Kidslam
3 years ago#3
Got stuck watching his Raw show

I am gonna rate and comment

First his Story Creator promo involving Axel Knox, himself and Mark Ambrose was good, but that was the only good part I give that ****

Layla vs Trish Stratus vs AJ Lee for the Divas Title was Shlock Aj getting the gold pinning Layla thereby proving AW can give less than two ****s about the DLC characters in his WWE 13 fed

Jinder Mahal vs Billy Gunn for the IC Title
Billy wins it with a Fameasser

Create A Story scene shows Natalya wishing AW luck

Jack Swagger vs Christian was a huge fail with Christian winning

Another Create A Story segment Lita wishing AW luck

DDP vs Drew McIntyre, DDP wins with a Diamond Cutter AW do you give a care about DLC characters or do you enjoy jobbing them out?

Cutting Edge guest The Kliq, seriously AW, Bret should not have joined them last week they beat Edge down

WWE Championship Match:Axel Knox vs Andrew Watkins, 45 mins of a great match ended by a running strike move are you kidding me? You retained yay

John Cena returns to your WWE 13 fed tonight and gets attacked by The Kliq, pfft

David Otunga vs Kofi Kingston, winner is the ref for Jericho/Ziggler WHC Match at Vengeance? Kofi wins with SOS whoopie

Main Event Winner faces WWE Champion AW at Vengeance for the title Mark Ambrose vs Booker T vs The Miz, Ambrose wins thanks to help from a PCW guy debuting in your WWE fed and who did you pick, Jay Brooklyn? No, Jeremy Black? Nooo. Vannon Gaice? Are you kidding me?
I miss being Kidslam
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