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Frequently Asked Questions about Cheats 2.1 (Required Reading Before Posting)

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8 years ago#1
Please read through both this topic and the other sticky before creating a new topic here. Topics about issues handled in this topic or topics that do not comply to the other sticky will be deleted.

The first thing that you might ask is: What are the various types of cheats accepted by GameFAQs? Here is a listing of each category including both what the categories ARE and what they AREN'T. Both are equally important and both should be understood before submitting to the site.

Code: A code is inputted without any prompt from the game and is used most often to either unlock something hidden or to somehow enhance the gaming experience (infinite lives, invincibility, etc).

A code is NOT anything that you have to input when prompted (such as inputting a password for unlimited lives on an explicit password screen). A code also is NOT some type of long and drawn out method of obtaining something (such as having to complete a tutorial to play as a special character). Both of these examples should go under other categories listed below.

Password: A password is something inputted most with a prompt from the game that either allows you access to a certain part of the game or somehow enhances the gaming experience.

Passwords are most often seen in games where they are used to save progress instead of a battery or memory card to save directly to the game/card. Some games have a special "Cheats" entry screen where passwords can be entered to unlock things. These types often get submitted as Codes but really should be submitted as Passwords. This is another category that is pretty hard to mess up.

Unlockable: An unlockable is something that is obtained while playing the game that was previously unavailable. Sometimes unlockables require the player to do some difficult task while other times they just require the player to beat the game or just play for X number of hours.

It is NOT an unlockable when you have to enter a code or password to get the unlockable. Those should be classified in their respective categories. Also, it is not an unlockable when you obtain the item in question by normal progression through the game. Unlocking Stage 3 by beating Stage 2 isn't an unlockable. Obtaining a magic spell by clearing the first world of a game isn't an unlockable.

Easter Egg: An Easter Egg by definition is a NON-CANONICAL, HIDDEN bonus within a game that serves some type of special purpose when found. Let's look at all of this very carefully.

Non-canonical means that it has nothing to do with the plot or storyline of the game. Thus, nothing can EVER be an Easter Egg if it's something that you just see while playing the game normally. A good example of this is found in games like Splinter Cell where you hear references to other games made during regular game conversation. These are just little funny jabs, but they are not Easter Eggs.

In addition, Easter Eggs need to be hidden. By hidden we don't mean that you just have to open a door or something. These need to be somewhere special that the normal player isn't going to look. One example of a non-hidden Easter Egg that pops to mind is for the game Geist, where a few Nintendo references can be found by simply opening lockers.

Finally, an Easter Egg should in general serve some useful purpose. It's neat that you can find a poster hidden on a wall somewhere, but is this something that really should be posted up on the cheats page for the game? Extrapolate the thought of every minor Easter Egg being posted for a game and you can quickly see while sometimes things have to be rejected. Exceptions can and will be made, but bare in mind that unless an Easter Egg is helpful to the player, it most likely will be rejected unless it's really really special.

A final note. "Touching" something in a Nintendo DS game is NOT an Easter Egg. The entire system is designed around touching, so touching something and having it make a noise or move or react is not an Easter Egg. This includes games like New Super Mario Bros where you can touch the credits and Brain Age where touching the little icons after games makes a noise.

Glitch: A glitch involves the exploitation of programming errors to accomplish something USEFUL that you are not supposed to be able to do. The most common glitches involve walking through walls, duplicating items, or obtaining items that are not supposed to be obtainable. The most common things submitted as glitches that are NOT glitches include falling into the ground, making your character look slightly different, and the like.

The key thing that defines a glitch is that it has some useful purpose. If walking through a wall only results in your character dying, this is not a cheating glitch. One of the more notorious games with non-cheating glitches is Halo 2, where almost every level has multiple useless glitches in it.

Secret: Finally, we have the "catch-all" category when you want to submit something that doesn't seem to apply to any of the above categories but is still USEFUL and NON-OBVIOUS. Game tips are NOT Secrets.
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
8 years ago#2
Now that we have defined each of the categories of cheats accepted on the site, let's go over what types of things are NOT considered cheats for this site:

Patch Codes: These are codes for devices such as GameShark, Pro Action Replay, etc.

Puzzle Solutions:Things that are required to be done in order to complete a game. This type of thing belongs in a FAQ/Walkthrough. This includes passwords to open doors and the like as well.

Hints and Tips: General advice for how to do something, including killing a boss or passing a stage in ways that don't involve some glitch. Also, most forms of "easy experience points" or "infinite gold" methods fall in here unless you can max out a character in minutes.

Save Your Game and Reload if You Fail: Common sense stuff. Saving and reloading if you gamble all your money and lose. Saving and reloading if you fail on using an item. Etc.

RPG "Secrets": Characters and items that are not off of the beaten path in an RPG. Items behind bushes or characters who join you fall in this category. Again, walkthrough material.

Reset Codes: Codes that reset the game. These are common in game and almost always listed in the instruction manual. Which leads to...

Stuff in the Instructon Manual: That book's there for a reason. Don't think you discovered some amazing glitch or code that's a normal function of the game because you didn't read it.

Non-Cheating Glitches/Secrets: Already covered above, but let's mention it again. These categories should somehow be a "cheat", or something that helps you get ahead in the game without going through the normal procedure of actually beating the game "fairly".
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
8 years ago#3
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why was my Easter Egg rejected as "Not a Cheat"? Of course it's not a cheat, it's an Easter Egg!
A: "Not a Cheat" is the generic comment that means that your submission is not whatever you said it was. If you would prefer to read it as "Not a Glitch" or "Not an Easter Egg", feel free to do so. It goes much more quickly on our end to have a quick button for rejecting submissions, and "Not a Cheat" is the only phrase we could think of to cover everything.

Q: Why was UserX credited for the cheat I submitted??
A: This is physically impossible. The only answer is that UserX also submitted it, and that they submitted it before you did. Codes are read in the order that they are received for a game. If your cheat gets rejected for "Already Posted", that means that you were beat to the punch. This happens a lot with the newest and hottest games.

Q: Why was UserX's submission of a cheat accepted when mine was rejected??
A: This can happen for any number of reasons. The most common one is that UserX did a better job of explaining the cheat than you did. Another reason is that myself or CJayC read your submission and didn't agree that it was a cheat while the other read UserX's and decided to post it. Sometimes we simply just don't read your code correctly and falsely reject it. It happens. I know it might not seem "fair", but it cannot be controlled. We're human and make mistakes. Whining and pouting isn't going to change anything. It should really just make you happy seeing the cheat up on the site and knowing that others are benefitting from it. I know that being creditted is a good feeling, but there will always be another game and another cheat.

Q: My cheat works! It's posted for a previous version of the game already!
A: For starters, resubmitting someone else's cheat just to get credit is kind of a crummy thing to do. Anyway, the idea is to try to prevent things like this. When a new version of a game comes out where old version cheats apply, the proper thing to do would be to use the Problem Report system to flag the old cheats with a note saying that they should be crossposted to the new version of the game. Otherwise, complaining that "you" aren't getting credit for "your" cheat is petty, and will be ignored.

Q: Why do you keep rejecting my cheat? It works!!
A: Post on the other sticky topic for clarification.

For other various questions, I would highly suggest reading through the current version of the other sticky topic. Both myself and some of the more frequent visitors of the board routinely answer the same questions over and over when explaining why a cheat was rejected. I would recommend reading various posts in that topic as they might answer your own question.


Yes, I know there is stuff posted that breaks some of the above rules. I know that occasionally something slips by that might violate a rule. But, the point is, I'm trying to be more consistent with what I post, and that means being more strict on what is accepted. This is a decision made after seeing so many improper cheat submissions. Don't be upset because you submitted something and it didn't get posted. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to be consistent. If you feel like what you submitted really belongs on the site, bring it to this forum and let me know why. It could be that you worded something weird or just didn't properly explain how your submission is a cheat.

Along those lines, if you are told here that your cheat is not going to be accepted, stop submitting it. You aren't going to do yourself any favors by getting on my bad side and abusing the submission privileges. They can always be taken away if you aren't going to be polite with them.
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
8 years ago#4
Locking this topic to keep all information posted in it official. If you have any questions that haven't been answered here or in the other sticky, make a new topic to ask about them. Remember that this is a "living" FAQ for the board and that future posts might change or overwrite information in the original posts.
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
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