Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

Posted: 12/27/2005 4:35:20 AM
How do I actually get one of these saves from my console to here at GameFAQs?
If you read the manual that came with your save device, you should know the answer, but we still get questions on it so here we go.

First, make sure you save your game exactly how you want it (e.g. All Bonus Tokens collected, 75/100 car designs unlocked etc.) and save it to your memory card. Now, some devices don't use memory cards and instead use Flash-Drive pens, Wi-Fi and more, so if that's your problem, consult your manual or Tech-Support site of the your save device.

Now that you've got it on your memory card, plug it into your dock. As an example, here's the XBox Action Replay dock:

These docks connect to your computer's USB. Now, you should have installed your save manager onto your computer already, so load up that program now. Once again, I'm using the Action Replay for XBox as an example:

On the far left are all the saves on the memory card. In the middle (cut off by the prompt box) are all the saves on your PC. The far right is something you don't need to worry about just yet. Now, find your saved game in the memory card section and simply DRAG & DROP it into the PC section where it will automatically sort itself. Now you're ready to submit it to GameFAQs.

Use the below submit form to do so:

For more information on how to submit it, see Okay. I'm ready. How do I submit one of these saves?

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