Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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10 years ago#11
Thanks for the input.
10 years ago#12
No problem. :-P
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10 years ago#13
I have a couple of questions,
I'm thinking of buying an X-port, I know of one for sale for 3, if i were to take some-one's maxdrive save from gfaqs and convert it to x-port, then resubmit it, would i first have to seek permission from who ever submitted the save, or as long as i state it's a conversion of user X's save would that be ok
10 years ago#14
I'd seek permission, but as long as you credit them by stating "Original Save by: User X", it would be okay.
10 years ago#15
Do you know what a good Gamecube save device would be?

Same question for DS, GBA, and PS2, in order from greatest to least want.
10 years ago#16
Also: Are there any for Nintendo 64?
10 years ago#17
Jimfish can answer your first question because i'm not sure but for the Nintendo 64 you would need a Dex-drive
9 years ago#18
Too be fair, my opinion is biased towards Action Replay devices as I've used them for years and they are reliable.

As for the second, yes, but as lilobaggins mentioned, it would have to be a Dex-Drive device.
Hey I need to ask a couple of things.

My first question is are the Game Saves safe? Because I've noticed that people contribute these things and I'm not sure about them. I don't want a virus or anything.

My next question is (off topic, but I really want to know) how do you put in those underlines?

Thanks for the help.
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