Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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What game and what are the save details?
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Mookiethebold asked: What game and what are the save details?

The save was for Ratchet and Clank - Tools of Destruction.

The game save is a first playthrough of the game and was achieved without the benefit of armor. It has all weapons at maximum, all skill points except those achieved only in Challenge Mode ("No, Up YOUR Arsenal", "Even Better the Second Time" and "The Hardest of Core"), all gadgets and all devices. It was saved prior to the final boss fight to demonstrate that it was still a first playthrough save.

The save is distinctive because it shows that the Everybody Dance Now skill point can be achieved during the first playthrough contrary to the widely held belief that the Golden Groovitron is required to achieve the skill point.
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I can only guess that it may be because your file isn't complete enough. Do you not have any armor or did you just not use any? Are there a lot of skill points to be won in challenge mode? Would they make a significant difference in upgrades or purchases or whatever they're used for compared to what you do have? Is the Golden Groovitron really difficult to get?

I haven't played the game so I don't know enough to know if SBA is looking for something better or what. Sorry. =/
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There are only three skill points remaining which can only be achieved in Challenge Mode. The armor was not purchased because it makes gameplay more difficult without it (I would be able to purchase all available armor if I had chosen to do so).

The game save is more complete than other first playthrough saves for this game.

The only thing that may be relevant is that the original release of the game was 3 1/2 years ago and FameFAQs may shut off game save submissions after some period of time. Do you know if there is a point where saves are no longer accepted?

As to not having played this game, you might want to consider getting it. This game and the others in the series are fun to play and represent some of the best action-adventure games available.

Also, you mentioned "SBA". I may be asleep at the wheel today, but what or who is "SBA"?
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The armor was not purchased because it makes gameplay more difficult without it...

That might be part of the problem. A couple years ago I tried to submit a save for Resident Evil 4. I played through and completed the game without purchasing or upgrading anything, so that someone could begin a new game+ with access to everything right from the start, a ton of money to spend, and fresh stats. Nonetheless, it was rejected for being incomplete, basically.

The game save is more complete than other first playthrough saves for this game.

I was wondering about that when I looked at the other saves. Are those others at a point of no return and yours past it? (if there is such a thing in this game)

Do you know if there is a point where saves are no longer accepted?

Definitely not. I submitted saves for a bunch of PS1 games just two years ago and they were all accepted.

what or who is "SBA"?

SBAllen, the site administrator. He's the guy who handles all the contributions.
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The absence of armor should be a plus. It gives the player a chance to use their skills a bit more than playing with armor. If that is all that is missing, I can buy the armor (which can not be removed once purchased) and resubmit.

As the game is played, missions are completed and become inaccessible, but the player can go back to various stages and do things of interest. The save I submitted is at a point where anyone who downloads it can go back to all the stages available on the other first playthrough saves. In other words, it is not past a point of no return. Once downloaded, the save would allow the player to move forward or move back at will.

All I'm looking for are the rules that need to be followed and the criteria that is considered important.

How does one communicate with SBA without offending the controller of our GameFAQs fate?
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I understand your argument with the armor, because it's more or less what I was trying for with my RE4 save.

I suppose your only other option would be to send a feedback ticket, though considering you already submitted your save a second time and still got no response, I don't know if if it's worth it to bug him further:

The worst thing that will happen is you won't be able to submit any other feedback tickets for a month or two (I forget the exact time frame). Hopefully he'll just give you an answer though. Just be sure to be polite and when giving details of why your save should be accepted, don't get too carried away with a long-winded explanation.

Good luck

edit: Be sure to bookmark the feedback page so you can check for a response. Sometimes you get a system notification when he responds, sometimes you don't.
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Thanks for your insight. I've submitted a Feedback form and will see what happens.
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I got a response to the feedback request explaining that the rejection should have noted Oversaturation and Overspecialization. Based on the FAQ use of those terms, I felt that the game save actually satisfied the criteria for both.

I resubmitted the save file and explained why they save met the standards not to be Oversaturated and Overspecialized. My arguments must have been convincing because the save was accepted and posted.

Thanks for your insights.
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Ah, good to hear. =)
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