Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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Toranks posted...
Why always puts me data.bin on Contrib Desc instead of what I set (Complete save 100%)?

Moderators are rejecting me the file but it's not my fault

This is the link:

Help! (excuse my english)

What game and system are you submitting a save for?

Also Complete 100% might not cut it if that game already has saves. Just a warning. You might have to put more into your description when you get it to work.
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I've been trying to post a game save for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition, for the PS3. I've actually uploaded a different game save for this game, but now I'm trying to upload a different game save with a different difficulty completion, and it keeps getting rejected. I have no idea why it's being rejected. The only explanation for the rejection is, "Rejected for posting on GameFAQs." I have no idea what that means. I'm more than willing to correct any errors, but the explanation isn't clear. Does any one else know what that specific rejection explanation means?

At first I thought maybe it was being rejected because they thought it was already posted, by me. The first game save I mentioned, that I was successful at uploading was for "Extreme" difficulty. The game save that is being rejected is for "European Extreme" difficulty. I was thinking they thought maybe the two game saves were the same, because they both have the word "Extreme" in the description. I also thought maybe they assumed I placed the game save in the wrong region option. This game only had two region options before I tried to upload this save, which were North America, and Japan. Shortly after my game save was rejected, and I tried to submit it again, I noticed a new region was added, which was Europe.

I've added messages with the uploads, explaning that the game save was created by me, was different from the other game save uploaded by me, and that it is infact for the North American region, and still it's rejected. I've even asked in my messages to better explain why my save is being rejected, and still I get the same reply of "Rejected for posting on GameFAQs."

If anyone can give me any ideas on what to do, I'd appreciate it. I'd really like to be the first one to upload a game save for this game, with this difficulty completion.
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What does it mean to "Pull" the savedata?
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Kindo_Valderian posted...
What does it mean to "Pull" the savedata?

Pulling a contribution means to have it removed before one of the Admins accepts it to the database
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i submitted 2 saves but they didnt show up in (Your Contribution Status) does that mean that they where rejected or didnt upload or something???
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If you see nothing on that page, then yes, somewhere along the way when making your submission you goofed and didn't actually submit anything.
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I'm going to ask here too as well as the PS2 board since I know people spend their entire days at this topic mashing F5 with bated breath:

What wizardry do I need to use to get Sharkport 2 to work with Windows 7?
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Hey guys,
I've been receiving PMs from a user saying they haven't been able to get my Metroid Prime Trilogy saves to work on their Wii U system. I tried downloading the save to see what the go was, to be greeted with a file like:

"metroid_prime_trilogy_eu_X.bin" (The X was a letter or numerical value, I forget.)

The save file SHOULD be reading:


Looking at other Wii save files that aren't my own, I'm getting the same problem. I know my save has worked for other people before now: has GameFAQs changed something with the way save files work? Renaming the file to "data.bin" does not solve the problem.
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Can I upload save files for NES games from emulators?
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doommaster1994 posted...
Can I upload save files for NES games from emulators?