Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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Oh also do I need a special device for the PSP, or can I just hook it up to my computer with a usb cable? Sorry I'm kinda new at this.

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Will I need to ZIP the save, or can I upload it as is?
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I thought I'd share a useful link with you; you may find it helpful when working on your FAQ.

Datel Customer Service Knowledge Base:

Here are direct links to the FAQ's that are most useful...

Xbox Action Replay FAQ:

GameCube Max Drive / Max Drive Pro FAQ:

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How exactly do you get a save from your computer onto your console???
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You're looking at how to. Just read this topic and you're set.
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Save question:
Is is appropriate to submit several saves for the same game, permitted that they are all at different points in the game? Often times I hear people wanting to play from a certain point in the game, except that all of the uploaded saves are at the beginning or end of the game, and that the saves in between are only hacked saves. I would be happy to upload 10 saves for a game, but I don't want to look like a contribution whore either.

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Cybertic Dragon: I'm guessing that your game is some sort of RPG, in which case, I think it will be okay. Just look here:

Now, onto my question:

I have a Sharkport 2, an X-Port 2, a Codebreaker v9, and a Max Drive in my hand (not literally, but I do have them all). My plan would be to take a sit in front of the computer/PS2 one day, search PS2 games on GameFAQs, and when I come across a game with 1-3 saves, take the best one and convert it to the other 3 formats, and in the description, I would write, "Conversion of ______'s save", and if there were more than one save by that person, then I would give a brief description of which one. My question is, could I do this and still get the saves accepted? All I'd really be doing is converting saves.

And obviously, most of these save-deprived games would be old, which could potentially help gamers who want to pick up an old game and want a save for it, but couldn't earlier because of it being in a different format.
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I want to post a PC savegame (Tomb raider legend all rewards, all outfits, all cheats, everything)
but in the list of platform in submit fo^rm doesn't includes PC what should I do?
Thanks in advance for me and everybody who wants it
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CJayC | Posted 6/3/2006 5:12:04 AM | message detail

warfreak asks, "Why can't we have saves for certain games on PC? Things that have a storyline should have saves shouldn't it?"

Good question, but there's several reasons we don't:

1) PC saves can carry viruses. It would be relatively simple to create an trojan horse as part of a save game, upload that to popular sites, and then infect hundreds or thousands of users.
2) Testing. We don't own every PC game, so we have no way to test each save to make sure it won't cause problems. For the most part, the worst thing a console save game could do is just plain not work, so there's no real problem there if we post a bad save. A bad PC game save could easily crash the game, your system, and it gets worse from there.
3) Support. There isn't a standard save game format. Some games put information in files, some in the registry, some in different directories, and so on. Not only does it take technical knowledge to find the save location, but it takes just as much knowledge to install it. We already hear from more than enough people who can't figure out how to use a PS2 save, despite how ridiculously easy Datel/Mad Catz have made them to use.

That's why you can't submit PC saves. You should read the Daily Grind (under Site Boards on Board List). It tells you what's going on and sometimes answers questions.
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