Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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Why doesn't GameFAQs accept other kinds of game saves?
There are no well-supported save-game download systems for other console formats yet. We don't accept emulation save states for legal reasons, and PC game saves are often enormous, difficult to use, incompatible from one verion of the software to the next, and capable of being used as trojan horses.

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(Yes, I was waiting a month for the answer.)
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How can I get intouch with ONI NIK? I've used his saves to hack in the past but the one for Twilight Princess is corrupt and I could really use it to fill a ton of requests. Thanks!
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Question - Can you update Game Saves?
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good thing you stickied this
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Is it okay to download a game save, improve it a little, then contribute it to Game FAQs? For example I download one that is 85% complete, I then make it 100% complete and upload it to the site.
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Will these work with emulators? if so, how?
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Can I directly upload a PSP game save via USB cable, or do I need cheat devices for that too?
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"man...maybe you can help me... i have armax evo edtiion... im trying to trans a game save to my ps2 memory card and i did everything that it says. yet game save doesnt show up in my load game area for game i downloaded it for.. any ideas "

I had this same problem when I downloaded a Gran Turismo 3 save. With AR MAX's save manager, you can compress the saves so they don't take up as much space. Whoever uploaded the save compressed it before submitting it, so when I downloaded the save off GameFAQs, I had to go into AR MAX's save manager and uncompress the save before the game would read it.

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