Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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Can I directly upload a PSP game save via USB cable, Yes you can
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I have contributed a few codes a review and a game save. Why doesn't the game save show up on my contributer page? It has been accepted and is available for download.
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Hi, I got a question

How can I remove a corrupted gamesave?

I just got a game save for Guitar Hero I uncrunched it, and when playing the game did not recognized it and checked the PS2 memory card, its a blue cube and said the file was corrupted and wouldnt couldnt delete it.

So how can I delete that corrupted file?, it dosent let me save anything from the game at all.
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I have waited for several months in hopes to finding out how to submit PSone game PlayStation 2 game saves in PlayStation 3 Internal Memory Card format. But since no is willing to reply to my feedbacks for several months now, I feel ridiculed and that the final answer is that there is no way to contribute PSone and PlayStation 2 game saves anymore since PlayStation 3's game save encryptions shields it from further contributions. My PSone and PlayStation 2 game save contributions days have finally come to a premature end. Why Sony and Microsoft? Why did Sony and Microsoft intended to prevent game save transferring for their current next-gen systems? I will tell them why, video game torment. I am right, aren't I?
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Fine. Ignore me. Why do I always have to be the one to deserve this?????
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Here's a tutorial video for Wii Power Saves:

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Your FAQ is good
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