Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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ok i dont know if thise was answered already

but how would i get my zelda phantom of the hourglass save on to my AR?
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I downloaded a save which did not match the description the uploader gave. Where can I report this?

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#65AionicPosted 11/27/2007 12:41:11 PMmessage detail
Since I have a PAL copy of Suikoden IV and NTSC copy of Suikoden Tactics, I'd need to download a NTSC Suikoden IV clear save off here in order to get the extra goodies.

Since the above is the PAL version of Max Drive, would there be any issues with using NTSC game save data? *confused* I take it you can't use it without the CD/DVDs that come with it...
#66hangidPosted 11/30/2007 9:30:11 AMmessage detail
How does the DS AR connect to the computer?
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Um, how do you get the game save from the computer to the console?
(I need to get the from computer to my DS)
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I've tried submitting a save a few times now, getting rejected every single time. I asked why twice but never got an answer. The save is for the normal edition of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (as opposed to the 'Black Edition'). Being a PS2 / North America / AR MAX (.max) save, it would be the first one that's 'normal edition: 100% everything complete'. I've successfully submitted a save before, so I know I'm doing everything else right. Why do you guys keep rejecting it?

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Hi! I've contributed several times some of my game saves, and they keep being rejected due to "duplication". Not to be rude but, "duplication" of what? I can assure you this files are all of mine, and I've done my best to complete them...My intention is to share them.. so.. what's the problem? Sorry if it was too aggressive.