Frequently Asked Questions about Game Saves (first draft)

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um. i'm tring to download an nds save file and i can only get it in duc or dss format. and my ds game doesn't read it. neither does my AR. why is that?
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I'm having trouble downloading game saves for the WII. I download it to the sd memory card
(power saves actually) and it's showing up on the card but when I try to use on the WII,
it's not showing up. I've gotten them of of action replay site and that's all good but there are
some saves posted on this site I want to use that action replay (datel) don't have!
please help.
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Why aren't there download/hit counters for game saves? D:
Petition - Hit counters for Game Saves:
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Seeking for Help..... : <

I went to FAQ to get "Metal gear 4" save game. I did manage to get the save file that i wanted and save into my thumb drive. Then i eagerly load into my PS3 and ready to do some Boss kliiing mode. To my surprise, it unable to trace the save file form my thumb drive. I also tried few ways like taking differnet region code save game but it seem hopless. I was thinking where have i gone wrong and i am still confuse. Then i askign for help in teaching me how to let my PS3 able to detect the save file from my thumb drive. Please help this poor soul..... : <<<

My email adress:
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i download saves from gamefaqs for some PSone and 2 games but wen i go on my PS3 to upload them they dont show...i no they r the virtual saves so they should wrk i use my psp to transfer (so just my mem stick) and im thinkin its a problem with were i save on the stick....anybody no what im talkin about n how to fix??
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Could someone please explain to me how to use the game saves for the wii? I downloaded one to my sd card, but after that I have no idea what to do, it is not showing up on my game. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the download. Any help would be appreciated.
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Recently, I downloaded a PSP save that was about 97% complete. I went ahead and completed it to 100% and reuploaded it. I'd like to know if that is OK and would I have to credit the original uploader or not.
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