==Frequently Asked Questions about Game Data==

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I've seen both, but new entries are normally handled by the staff anyway as they have more "insider information" :)
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Is there a way to submit new consoles not in the database? For example, I've dug up some info on some old Japanese computers and a few games on them (well ports of games from systems that are covered by GameFAQs, anyway.)
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Here is something that might be interesting:

"We normally don't list in-site games (like from iWin or other casual gaming sites); they come and go all the time"

Finally I got an answer to the rejection of all these downloadable games. But still there are plenty being added to the site all the time so try to add them, just don't be surprised if they aren't.
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Can anyone tell me specifiacally where to find the last page of the Winnie the Pooh book in Kingdom Hearts 2 is? I am becoming really desparate and "In the tower in Agrabah" isn't enough!!! Which Tower?! Where on that tower??!!

Please help @________@
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This is not the Kingdom Hearts 2 board.

Click on the PlayStation 2 tab and go to the Kingdom Hearts 2 board.
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Q: It says in the Submit Game Data page that "[i]n rare cases, non-commercial or personally-distributed games may be listed if they have a very large user base." How can I prove that a non-commercial game has a very large user base?

This could prove tricky. You could try to find a page on the games site (If there is one) about the user base. You could just say it has a large user data base and hope it gets exepted.

Okay, here's a question:

What's considered a "large" user-base?

I've submitted 1 or 2 browser-based online games in the past, especially ones that are generally popular among GameFAQs users on the social boards, but they were rejected. One of them had around 200,000 users at the time (and has double that now), and still isn't listed.

Is there a rough metric used as a cut-off? 1 million? 2 million? 5 million? Something else?

I really don't want to spam the submission queue with game data that was rejected in the past, but there's a few games out there which could probably be considered pretty popular, and should probably rate enough to be listed...

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It depends on the game, if it's worth adding to the site.

Games like the KQ fangames (1, 2, 9) are much better quality, than something like "Thy Dungeon Man" even though that is really popular.

Just accept it won't get added when it's rejected. I don't like it either. Some really bad fan games have made it to the site, must have slipped through the queue...
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Okay, hey... Im a German Girl, and I need some help... Ive submitted a file, and then, they said: bad word processor or something like this, and I dont know, what I should do now... Please help!
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^ Convert the file to a .txt extension. Read the help files for more information: http://www.gamefaqs.com/contribute/

If you need more help, ask on the FAQ contributors' page here: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=2000094
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Q. There are a bunch of KDE games, but it's not complete. I tried submitting more, but they were rejected on the userbase defence even though said games were more popular than the games already accepted. wut?

Q. For said KDE games that are already there, I tried submitting credits (which are typically small for a lot of Free games; this typically includes a maintainer, maybe a couple developers, and sometimes an artist), but they also get rejected for no apparent reason. wut?
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