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8 years ago#51
So basically the answer is that the worldwide option is just there to mess with our heads? 0_o
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8 years ago#52
Q. I submitted new data / release dates for a game that's coming out soon, but it was rejected. Why?
A. The admins have their own sources which are far more reliable, which they can add by themselves. So in general, don't submit data for new titles (apart from Credits).

That's not fair. How are we supposed to get our Ego Boosts when The Man slaps us lowly users back down?
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8 years ago#53
You could always find release dates for these:
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8 years ago#54
Worldwide releases would be ideal for downloadable games but then you have to keep in mind that even credit card purchases may require a US address.

In other words, don't use Worldwide. Select NA if it's an online game for the NA market.
I submitted data, and I clicked update general information. I also changed the publisher info, will the publisher be changed also?
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8 years ago#56
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#57
Yeah, they're separate database sections so you have to submit them separately.
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8 years ago#58
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
This has probably been asked before, but is it possible to submit a console? Not a game, but a console.
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8 years ago#60
You could try submitting a feedback ticket, but generally speaking if it's not major enough to be included already, it probably won't be.
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