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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Trading

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StickyEtiquette and Standards of Hacking/Cloning/Editing Requests V.3 (Sticky)
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StickyDo NOT ask for other people's ages, or offer trades for people of a certain age. (Sticky)CJayC (A)16/27/2007
Shiny event beldum to give? (Archived)gingerbreadman421/15 6:49PM
Can Anyone Help Me Move Pokemon from Platinum to AS? (Archived)RedD10121/13 9:19PM
LF eevee (Archived)blackcat8888212/15 10:47PM
READ BEFORE POSTING: Online trading is not possible with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. (Archived)MannyCav612/7 6:11AM
LF TRU Regigigas to borrow for a day if not less (Archived)Genesis_Draco311/22 4:51PM
My pokemon team (Archived)morluka110/28 6:34AM
Magmar or magby? (Archived)EMartinez2001410/24 4:46PM
Looking for help evolving my Kadabra (Archived)PagliacciTheClo48/22 6:15AM
Cranidos?? (Archived)Solo288228/8 1:14AM
can anyone help me complete my pokedex? (Archived)Xgiga_bowserX37/27 12:27PM
Can anybody help me... (Archived)spicoli12327/20 8:51AM
Generous Person w/Phione Egg (Archived)turtwig_rulez26/28 9:46AM
Looking for last Pokemon I need for my dex (Arceus)...before wifi is gone! (Archived)Koopatrol65/26 12:58AM
Give-away #1! I'm restarting my Pearl (for real, this time)... (Archived)PokemonMegaFan55/20 9:37PM
WFC shutdown heads up: 7 AM Pacific on May 20. (Archived)MannyCav15/19 9:25PM
LF: Legit Shaymin FT: Legendary or event, rare candying, special Pokemon edits (Archived)MannyCav15/19 7:14PM
Attention: DarkChilly (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
PokemonMegaFan715/18 8:29PM
Does anyone have the Event Shiny Pichu that they would be willing to give me? (Archived)PokemonMegaFan55/17 5:56PM
Glameow/Purugly (Archived)sidescroller85/17 1:25PM
Need Cloner, LF: trade evolutions (Archived)Offworlder115/16 12:30PM
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