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673 spoilers

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1 year ago#1
The first three pages have been leaked, though I'm not sure of the order (I think this is correct?):

Looks like Naruto gets a cool new variation of the Rasenshuriken.
1 year ago#2
Is that Son Goku's Lava Release combined with the Rasenshuriken?

I'm pretty sure it goes in this order Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
1 year ago#3
Damn we keep getting leaks sooner and sooner.

Naruto looks much stronger than Madara currently is. If he doesn't get the other Rinnegan soon, this fight is going to be over in no time.
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1 year ago#4
Clicked the wrong topic and accidentally spoiled myself.

Naruto masters two new elements and a fusion in no time flat. Beast powers, but still.
1 year ago#5
GuideToTheDark posted...
Clicked the wrong topic and accidentally spoiled myself.

The me of two or so years ago would never post spoilers, but I just don't care anymore. All it really is these days is fighting.
1 year ago#6
Rasengan everything.
where doing it man
1 year ago#7
OfficeChair posted...
Rasengan everything.

1 year ago#8
Nice Naruto would be able to combine moves from all the beasts. Does that means we should be expecting the chapter this weekend?
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1 year ago#9
Nah, we're always about a week behind.
1 year ago#10
Can't wait for Sauce's power up.

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