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Prime Material Dragon and DWs (Archived)Thegreatlark33/21/2012
Sidedecking this format (Archived)LingLing_77733/20/2012
Need some advice on my dark world deck. (Archived)
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Noobish question, but I do want to make sure I have my facts straight... (Archived)Yusuke Urameshi33/20/2012
What are some staple XYZ and Synchro monsters that are all worth having? (Archived)
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Question about Red Eyes D. Metal... (Archived)GATTJT43/20/2012
Next OCG Structure Deck is gonna be a Water Sea-Serpent deck (Archived)BahamutX97853/19/2012
R/F Frognarchs ft. Tour Guides (Archived)Boct158423/19/2012
Has anyone preordered HA05-SE or the variant cards online? (Archived)X-ism33/19/2012
so is it standard now to run... (Archived)
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Looking For A Budget Deck (Archived)Haru29103/18/2012
Dumb question, but has anything been said about changing GAOV rarities for TCG? (Archived)SKEXE93/18/2012
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I REALLY hate card sharks (Archived)Boct158483/18/2012
Release schedule weirdness? (Archived)Yusuke Urameshi23/18/2012
dat winged dragon of ra (Archived)MF_Gambit83/17/2012
Are there any recent decent Fairy structure decks? (Archived)PJRandallChevik73/16/2012
Should I add these cards to my DW deck? (Archived)
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Lol, Fiendish Chain reprint (Archived)Knixx_0583/15/2012
Your recent Yugioh Purchases. (Archived)
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