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The "My games are suddenly trial games" and Indie Game solution Mini-FAQ

#1LiquidViperPosted 2/18/2010 3:28:19 PMmessage detail
I've been seeing a lot of topics pop up lately about this issue. This is intended to help those who have this common problem. If I miss anything, please feel free to mention it below. Hopefully, this can be stickied or something.

First, some general info:

Whenever you purchase ANY content on the Live Marketplace(DLC, Arcade games, etc) it is not only tied to your Gamertag Account but also your 360's SERIAL number. This is essentially to prevent you from letting friends download content for free.

I received my 360 back from repair and I redownloaded my Arcade games and DLC but they're all "Trials", What do I do?

You'll have to do a LICENSE TRANSFER/MIGRATION. Microsoft put this in place a while ago due to the frequency of sending 360's back to people that have a different serial number(that means the 360 you sent OUT was irreparable and Microsoft sent you a different 360). This forced people to be signed into Live so they could play full versions of the games they purchased.

Technically, you can play the full versions of the games so long as you're connected to Live at all times. Microsoft also should have transferred all of your licenses to the console they sent back to you. In some cases, simply redownloading all of the content is a fix. Otherwise, do the transfer.

Follow this link to do the License Transfer:

Keep in mind you can only do a Transfer once every 12 months. If you plan to upgrade your 360 or buy a new Special Bundle, like the Final Fantasy XIII or Modern Warfare 2 bundles, you might want to consider holding off on migrating licenses.

I bought a new Hard Drive, do I need to migrate licenses?

No, just recover your Gamertag and because your 360 still has the same serial number, a transfer is not necessary. You'll just need to redownload everything.

Where can I find my download history to redownload stuff?

From your Dashboard:

My XBox --> Click on your Profile/Gamertag -->Manage Account --> Download History

Why can I only play Indie Games I purchased when I'm connected to Live?

Indie Games are not rated by the ESRB so you have to be signed into Live as the disclaimer says your experience and game content will vary when playing online.

I don't have Internet right now, is it ok to take my hard drive and download arcade games on my friend's 360?

No, your arcade game will be tied to HIS 360's serial number despite you downloading it to YOUR Hard Drive.

Well, I took my hard drive to my friend's house anyway and used his/her 360 to download games/dlc/etc but they're trials on my 360...

Again, license migration will fix this.

If you HAVE to download anything at someones place, it's best to bring your 360 and the hard drive so whatever you download will be tied to it and you can play offline.

Are there any other common questions/issues I may have forgotten?
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#5TreewallerPosted 2/19/2010 6:12:07 PMmessage detail
After doing the license migration you'll need to redownload everything, meaning stuff that's no longer on the marketplace or available in your download history will never be able to be used offline again.
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#6K3wlnessPosted 2/19/2010 6:40:23 PMmessage detail
Lol, I was just about to create a thread about my issues. Thanks dude! STICKY MC STICK STICK
#7K3wlnessPosted 2/19/2010 6:41:28 PMmessage detail
I have a question though, I'm not sure by what I read if you answered this or not, but...

If you download an arcade game on one account, but want to play it on another, how does that work?
#8TreewallerPosted 2/19/2010 6:49:20 PMmessage detail
^ DLC is marked by your console's serial number, so any profile on that console can use it on or offline.
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#9LiquidViper(Topic Creator)Posted 2/19/2010 8:57:52 PMmessage detail
^He's right. Other profiles on your XBox can access the content just fine. Using your hard drive on another console to play the game on another profile would be a problem though.

As far as when games are taken off the Marketplace, I believe you can still redownload them IF they're in your Download History. I've heard many people say they were able to. I'll try it out; I deleted the amazing Yaris game to clean up some space but I can try to redownload it.
#10TreewallerPosted 2/19/2010 9:24:41 PMmessage detail
If they're still in your download history you can download them again just fine, but things that are completely removed from the marketplace show as "Uknown Game / Unkown Offer" in your download history and can't be redownloaded.

I've yet to see that happen to an actual XBLA game, but I've seen it happen with pics, themes, and Indie games.
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